Vision is the God's biggest gift to all living beings, human beings are blessed to be able to distinguish things as it is all related to signals that are passed on to our brain and how it perceives. Few people are deficient in colour vision and are not able to distinguish between some colours like red and green or blue and yellow. Red - green deficiency is more common form of colour blindness. It is more of an inherited condition which effects men more often than women, but blue - yellow deficiency effects men women equally. Contrary to the belief that a colour blind person sees only in shades of grey.


This form of blindness is not easily detected as a person affected with colour blindness can actually see colours but with washed out look and so can easily confuse it with other colours depending on the type of vision deficiency. If all of sudden one develops colour vision problems, then definitely one should visit doctor and have colour blindness test done. Gradual or sudden loss of colour vision is indicator of number of underlying health problems like Cataract. Symptoms are generally so mild that the person affected is not able to identify the condition.


When the light sensitive cells of the retina do not respond appropriately to the wavelength variations of light which enables people to see array of colours is the reason of colour blindness. The inherited forms of colour blindness are related to absence or deficiency of Photoreceptors cones. Other than the genetic misappropriation the causes of colour blindness are: 1. Parkinson's disease 2. Cataracts 3. Tiara one for epilepsy 4. Leber's hereditary optic neuropathy- LHON 5. Kallman's syndrome 6. Aging


So far there are no cures to colour blindness, lifestyle changes and mind training only are being helpful to cover up the missing sense. Colour blindness test in India are of the same level as in USA or Europe. Gene therapy is one of the most promising cure being suggested, as it has been tested for colour blindness on monkeys, still this cannot be administered yet till its proven safe. Most people get adapted to colour vision deficiencies by little bit adjustments.

The available treatments are:

Using special lenses:

  • Special lenses having filters are used to enhance colour perception.
  • Cone cells
  • Ciliary muscles
  • Retina and optic nerve to help treat ailment in correcting itself
  • Other than these lifestyle changes can help a colour blind person like:
  • labelling your clothes with colour to identify them and avoid colour clashing.
  • At work a friend can help letting know the order of colours of files and other important instructions to be memorized.
  • The order of colour red - green - yellow can be remembered at the traffic lights. Never ignore any unusual sensation or difficulty in seeing and visit eye practitioner for colour blindness test.

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