Shape your career in the SAP domain by getting accreditation in SAP HANA

SAP HANA (where HANA stands for High-Performance Analytic Appliance) is basically a combination of hardware and software. The SAP HANA online training will help you understand the working of SAP HANA, how it perform tasks, and how it has helped existing SAP customers. This training will also introduce you to the SAP HANA components like SAP HANA Database, Replication server, SAP SLT, SAP HANA Direct Extractor connection, etc. The combined knowledge of these things will allow you to clear the SAP HANA exams and get certified. The SAP HANA training is aimed at anyone who has an interest in learning about SAP HANA and seek in a career in the HANA domain.

The training course has been designed in a simple yet effective way which can be explained and understood easily. Thus, there is no prerequisite for learning HANA, however, a good exposure to SQL and basic database concepts can be advantageous and will help in learning HANA within no time. Once you have successfully completed the training, you will be able to build applications that integrate the business logic, control logic, and the database layer with unprecedented performance. Utilizing the knowledge gained from the training, you will be able to perform the following tasks:

  • Make efficient use of programming components to create and run customized programs to be employed in IT domain.
  • Create next-generation applications that exploit the digital economy.
  • Eliminate the high maintenance cost that is used to store and maintain large data volumes.
  • Process real time data in the most effective manner, so that analysis and processing results are never delayed.
  • Create customized programs to be used by in IT departments.
  • Combine data from many sources and applications without upsetting the business transactions.

SAP HANA is an in-memory platform that consists of HANA Database, HANA Administration, Data Modeling, and Data Provisioning in a single suite. With SAP HANA training online, you will learn about HANA in detail and be able to perform simple data operations on a unified cloud platform. You will acquire the skills for working with extremely organized data and process this huge amount of data within no time. You will also get ready to work for the below listed roles in the top organizations:

  • SAP HANA technology consultant
  • SAP HANA application consultant
  • SAP ABAP development consultant
  • SAP BW application consultant

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