7 Essential Types Of Shoe A Women Should Have In Her Wardrobe

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Whenever we talk about woman shoes a thought comes like it should be stylish and comfortable. Basically, the shoe is an item which is used as footwear so it is essential that it must be comfortable. Stylish shoes with perfect matching dress give adorable look because a single pair of shoes can’t be wear on every dress. Here we talk about 7 essential types of shoes for a woman should have in her wardrobe for each and every occasion because shoes are used as an item of decoration and fashion. You can buy shoes online from Diva General Boutique.


Flat sandals are basically used as casual day shoes. It is the much comfortable to do anything like you can play sport, you can go for a job or you can play with kids. This is the most basic type of shoes. It looks gorgeous with the suit and rolls the pants up. Many designer flat sandal gives extra-ordinary look like the suit.


If you are going to a party night than pumps are the best option. Pumps give you gorgeous, sexy look with short. This type of shoes helps to offer you height which makes you sexier and confident. It helps to draw the attention of others and helps to give the amazing look at woman’s lag.


Sneakers also one of the most comfortable types of woman shoes. It looks amazing with the high top. It is most versatile shoe which looks good with most of the dresses. It provides the support to the feet and it basically uses for running, sport because it provides support to feet and ankle which avoid the injuries.


Ballet flats are used as working day shoes although slipper is not allowed in the office, ballet flats are the best option for the office. It gives formal look and inexpensive. It is most flexible and versatile shoes. Most important it is provided in lots of colours and designs and it’s very trending.


Boots are best for the winters because it provides hotness to feet. It provides great look on the jeans and top. Leather boots are the best shoes ever for the winters because its material is so comfortable and hot. Boots gives an amazing look to a tall girl with jeans and top and round hat.


This is the most favourite of girls. It provides the glamorous look ton a woman. There is no any alternative of kitten heels in beauty. Basically, it is used in fun parties, along with is gives the classy look to the woman. It gives shape to your calf muscles and gives taller and leaner appearance to you.


Wedged heel the last but not the least, yes it is very comfortable and supportive of lags. If you want to look taller but uncomfortable to wear high heels then wedged is the best option. Because most of the area touch to surface that’s why it much comfortable and it has great designs which the adorable look to you.


So here we learn about different essential types of shoes for woman. Each and every type is great at that place so you can make your choice of shoes on the basis of your dress selection.

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