4 Fashion Pieces that Woman Want to Steal from You

Do you know woman act as magnets to the stylish men? You may call it as law of nature or something else, but the fact is women like to...

Do you know woman act as magnets to the stylish men? You may call it as law of nature or something else, but the fact is women like to drool around the stylish men. In this blog post, zobello.com, offer you 4 outfits that she wants to steal it from you not because she wants to wear but just to smell for rest of the week until she plans to wash it. Here’s a quick update:


Chinos are the most versatile garment that can be worn on casual and formal occasion. They can practically go with anything and still look chinos. The perfect chinos are slightly tapered and rolled up to the hem. You can buy them in various shades like navy, sand, olive green. Substitute it with jeans and she will be certainly swooning over you.


Henleys are a step forward from t-shirt in terms of style and macho factor. It is a collarless shirt with a button in front, but from view point of style, Henleys are out of the box. They make you look apart and go up with any kind of attire. They are not dressy, so it is better to wear a Henley with casual pants. It will surely make woman go crazy.

V neck sweater

Gone are the days, when cardigans were limited to stripes, nowadays Vneck sweaters have become popular. The V-neck sweater is indicative of men who handle his thing with care. Moreover, it is available in variety of shades, but grey, navy and olive green is instant winner. Pair it up with button down shirt and contrasting tie, pretty win-win situation!


The men heather hoodies online have long been associated as outdated cloth for the youths, gym junkies and dapper with a penchant for wearing ill fitted clothes. But zipper hoodies for men online has again seen  resurgence as an elegant and off duty attire. So, how to style dip dye zipper hoodies for man, printed zipper hoodies online, full zip stripe hoodies, half zip hoodies for man and heather hoodies for man:

Listen up, guys

Gone are the days, when ill fitted, gangster hoodies were welcome, nowadays, the jacket hoodies are in fashion. Keep snug fit and slim.

Muted hoodies-Monochrome hoodies are the best bet, but it doesn’t mean that you need to look like a chess board. Experiment with muted colour combination too like mustard, red, navy and olive green.

Suit-last but not the least; a man with suits commands attention, but it is important to know when to wear a suit. Wearing a suit on the first date is solid no

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