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The Hoodie is perhaps my favourite item of clothing. Seriously, my wardrobe is full of hoodies. What’s there not to love about hoodies? They are cross-functional, versatile and comfortable. Wearing hoodie is like being snuggled in a warm blanket all day. They are the perfect urban outfit. Not to mention all the crazy innovations the designers do with designs and patterns on hoodies. The possibilities are endless and now you can wear them everywhere but still look chic, not lazy.

Not only the hoodie is an established part of the hip-hop image, they have by extension taken over all forms of pop culture. And now, if you are bored of the classic full sleeved hoodie, do not fret. The universal appeal of hoodies has not lead to creation of great hybrid designs that still hold on to the basic drawstrings and hood approach while making some unique changes in different areas, so that there is a hoodie that fits everyone’s requirements.

Now, there is a prevalent misconception that hoodies are only meant for use in cold weather. This is something that seriously needs to be reconsidered. Well, if you buy a fleeced hoodie you are restricted somewhat, but today you can find a huge range of lightweight, comfy hoodies that are great for any climate without compromising on the style quotient of the hoodie.

A great example of this are sleeveless hoodies for men. This innovative design is meant for people involved in heavy physical activities who prefer free movement of the hand. Not only that they are ideal for gym rats who like to flaunt their glorious biceps. Most variations in this form factor have bold prints and designs on their front, making them the perfect choice for layering in your outfit. Many brands also a zipper for a more jacket like feel.

They look good with all kind of lowers, sweatpants for the athletic aesthetic and jeans or chinos for a casual outing.If you desire to wear something completely unique and the classic hoodie just doesn’t cut it browse through the insane collection of hooded shirts for men on Zobello. They are the perfect mix of style and substance. The generic hoodie design is blended with the button-down shirt to attain an extraordinary hybrid.

Look for bold coloured flannel style designs to layer with the rest of your wardrobe. They look best when worn with a pair of blue jeans or neutral chinos along with boots, however when layering it, be sure to wear more sombre colours underneath so as to clash with the bold colours of the flannel design.

Well, if you still aren’t convinced that these new innovative hoodies aren’t the one for you, then don’t fret! The classic hoodie has gotten better and better over the years.

Branded printed hoodies for men have never been cooler and there is a smorgasbord of extraordinary designs available for you to choose from at Zobello.com, where you can peruse a variety of provocative colours and bold prints. You will surely find one that fits with your style statement!


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