Classic Backpack Travel Trips and Bollywood Movies: Sings an Old Tale of Romance

Classic Backpack For Men

At the mere mention of the word backpack, several travel scenarios run through your mind but one fantasy that almost every movie-buff has garnered in their heart is to get that mesmerizing feel of a nice, impromptu trip to some long-haul destination, happening to us at least once in our lives.

Just like in those classic Yash raj movies, we all have had dreams of that perfect unplanned travel in the beautiful locals of the scenic Europe, where we actually get to live in a dreamy world, if only for a few days at all. Yes, that’s the kind of memories and desires the lone mention of backpacks for men evokes in the mind of every man out there at some point or the other in life.

The reason that backpack for men have been such an evergreen travel mate for most travel junkies is not just because of its comfort carrying and lightweight attributes but also because it looks super cool and stylish to adorn one of these while you are on the move.
Backpacks designs today have been completely revamped and are not anything like those boring conventional ones that make you recall old days sans any fashion delight. From some amazing bright and bold colours that instantly catch the eye like the neon and metallic shades to advanced shapes like rectangular with classy cuts and edges, men backpack has undergone tremendous transformation for the good.

And while, you can almost never go wrong with a backpack slung smartly over your back, it’s better to have some tips and tricks handy before eyeing those men backpack online variants and deciding to buy your share. Now, what better could be than our very Bollywood movies to take inspiration for, as they have been giving us enough style lessons in the past to work wonders with our look and so be it, to get the right sense to our buy men backpack online range as well.

Here, we have shortlisted a handful of Bollywood flicks that have not only inspired us to go on a sudden/ planned long journey to a wonderful destination at least once in life but also to nicely style these convenient yet funky cool travel pieces in those spectacular sceneries.

1. DDLJ (Shah Rukh Khan)- This one’s a given and got to top the list for as much as the movie was a one-of-kind-classic of the time, so was its awe-inspiring locations in the lovely greens of Europe. A young, carefree Shah Rukh Khan was seen celebrating life in his own ways and it instantly made backpacks a huge trend that time even. Shah Rukh managed to enhance the backpack appeal in every scene and swiftly made it a traveler delight to carry one and leave for an enviable journey, only to get lost in the magic of European lands.

2. Jab Tak Hai Jaan (Shah Rukh Khan)- Here’s a Kind Khan hit yet again that saw Shah Rukh in a rustic look after long, which was a refreshing change from his chocolate hero avatar. But what stayed intact was the backpack charm it revived with this, making it an unconscious fashion hit with most hit almost soon after. The look and feel of Shah Rukh as a hardcore army officer was enough to make the ladies swoon and the real-life guys to following the footsteps, taking their fashion cue from none other than the ultimate trend setter. Backpacks in military prints and olive colours quickly became the most popular fad among guys then.

3. Ye Jawani Hai Deewani (Ranbir Kapoor)- We have our very own ladies man, Ranbir Kapoor, flaunting the men backpack style to perfection in this hit movie with Deepika in female lead. The movie exhibited fun and travel in such a way that was bond of make every young traveller’s heart racing and hands itching to hold their treasured passports again. Embarking on a wonderful, envious journey to more city parts of Europe like the streets of Paris, Ranbir again ticked off the backpack look with his quirky outfits quite well. Not only it clearly looked a convenient travel gear but surely stylish enough to make it the preferred pick of the season.

Well, these are of course, merely a couple of sightings but there a dozen other pictures wherein Bollywood has given us a great insight and motivated us to try on the backpack trend while on quenching your wanderlust, like the Hrithik-Abhay-Farhan trio in Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara or John Ibrahim in Kabul Express or big-small ones like Fugli, Road, Lashkya etc.

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