Dress Dapper in Blazers

Cold weather is one of the few periods during which a man can truly showcase his style. How you wonder? Layering. Layering is one of those concepts in fashion...

Cold weather is one of the few periods during which a man can truly showcase his style. How you wonder? Layering. Layering is one of those concepts in fashion that can help you create something truly exceptional out of regular pieces of clothing. The thing about layering is that you can simply add a couple of good pieces of clothing to your wardrobe, which will then help you come up with various different attires. Thus a simple jacket or sweater can breathe some life back into your wardrobe. If you are looking for something new to wear this season my suggestion would be a classic stripped blazer. Blazers are a great tool to have in your arsenal. They lie in the middle ground between a formal suit and a jacket. You get the mature and sophisticated vibe of the suit with the cool, casual feel of a jacket. In fact, the blazer is very adaptable. It fits right in all casual and formal occasions.

The greatest facet of a blazer is that it is incredibly versatile. The same blazer you wore with a white shirt and trousers to a wedding can be worn with jeans, a tee and some boots for a more informal event. You can pair almost all the garments you have in your wardrobe with a blazer. Be it jeans, trousers, chinos all lowers work. Similarly, blazers work well all sorts of tees and button downs. You can add different embellishments like ties, bows or waistcoats depending on how serious your outfit is. To put simply, your imagination is your limit when it comes to making combinations with blazers. You can even get great results by wearing contrasting colours beneath. Thus a good blazer will fill a great void in your outfits, which is why I recommend that everyone should buy blazers for men.

So, if you are considering to buy a new blazer, it is important to ensure that it fits you well. Since the shoulders of a blazer are nigh impossible to alter, make sure that your own shoulder are perfectly aligned with the seams of the blazer. The blazer should be comfortable on closure of the top button and there shouldn’t be any straining of fabric. The sleeve looks best when it extends up till the wrist. Further, the backside of the blazer should shouldn’t be longer than the middle of your butt.

If you’re getting your first blazer, I would always suggest a black or a navy blue one. These colours are universal and are easy to pair with. Even with these boring old colours, you can make some striking outfits by using the right accessories. Once you have a solid neutral colour, you can have a look at more vibrant hues. If you are trying to find unique shades like cyan or fuchsia, the best place to find them is to search for striped blazers online. Online india striped blazer allows you to explore hundreds of different options that you won’t ever get in a brick and mortar store.

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