Guidelines to keep in mind when you buy second hand clothes online

You’ve always had that dream of donning an H&M dress but unfortunately it was out of your budget. But now, you can turn your dream to reality by browsing...

You’ve always had that dream of donning an H&M dress but unfortunately it was out of your budget. But now, you can turn your dream to reality by browsing through an online pre-owned clothing store and buying a branded dress for a fraction of its original retail price. Yes, it is now possible to buy pre-owned clothes online thanks to the emergence of numerous consignment stores.

Every online thrift store has slightly different rules and policies; so do keep that in mind when you’re doing your research on which consignment store to zero in on for your purchase. Now that you have decided to buy used clothes online, here are some guidelines to keep in mind.


When you’re shortlisting the consignment store from which you wish to buy pre-owned clothes, be sure that the branded garments are 100% authentic.

Check the categories

Pre-owned clothing stores usually categorize the clothing into different compartments, such as New with tags, New without tags, Seldom Worn and Teeny-Weeny Imperfection. When browsing on the website, make sure to understand what each category means and how ‘new’ you wish your garment to be. Budget also needs to be an important consideration as each of these categories will have a different price tag with ‘New without Tags’ being priced the most.

Quality check

When you decide to buy second hand clothes online, it is vital to be sure of the quality of the garment and if it will be hygienic enough. So call up the company or browse through the website to comprehend their quality check and see if the clothes are 100% sanitized before they are put up for sale.

Register with the pre-owned clothing store

When you zero in on the preferred consignment shop and eventually become a regular customer, it would be wise to register with them and have an account. Why? This will make you eligible for various offers and discounts/discount coupons which the website offers to registered users from time to time. The company will also be able to give out information on new listings/arrivals and promotions that match your shopping pattern.

Understand mode of payment

It is significant to comprehend the different methods of payment available. Major second hand clothing stores have the facility of pre-payment as well as the option of cash on delivery. You can select the option that works best for you.


When you buy secondhand clothes online, it is important to be aware of the store’s shipping policy. Usually it takes up to 3 to 5 working days for the garments to arrive. You will also be given the option to track the shipment through your account by entering the order number. Keep in mind there are some stores that don’t charge for shipping and that there are some who do.

Cancelation & return policy

This is an important consideration. If you place an order and then suddenly change your mind, then what do you do? Most second hand clothing stores allow you to cancel a placed order until it hasn’t been dispatched. If it has been dispatched from the warehouse, then a user can only cancel the order after accepting the deliver by placing a return request. It is also vital to find out if the pre-owned shop allows for exchanges.

These are some of the guidelines you can consider when choosing to buy second hand clothes online. With the rise of these consignment stores, several folks now have the opportunity to wear branded attires.

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