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Blazer for summer, are you kidding me? This was the answer one got when one talked about wearing a blazer in the summers even a few years back. But now fashion trends demand that every man owns a casual blazer that’s not only perfect for informal office gatherings but even a marriage function. If you are thinking of buying a good one among casual blazers for men then the following tips will be quite handy.

Don’t Buy Too Tight Blazers

You should never buy blazers that are too tight. Here are a few signs of a blazer that’s too tight. Remember them and you’ll be fine.

  • X shape forming at the closure

  • Seam where the shoulder pad meets the arm isn’t right

  • The collar is bunching and pulling at the neck

  • It’s riding on your back and exposing the seat

Don’t Buy Too Loose Products as well

The signs of men casual blazer that’s too loose are:

  • The closure is sagging and drooping forward

  • The shoulders are extending past the actual shoulders and creating an untidy silhouette

  • Length of the arms are falling past the base of your thumb

  • The collar is pulling away from neck and leaving a hole between you and the blazer

  • The casual blazer is drowning the wearer and coming past the seat

Now that you have learned how to select the right sized products, have a look at top 5 styles that will make you look hot this summer (in the coolest sense)

  • Military Style: This product is meant for men who like to look stylish but want to stick to the neutral colors like black as it suits their masculinity well and helps them to preserve their special aura of mystery.

  • Palm Tree Design: This product is for men who want to create their own style statement this summer without paying much heed to what everyone else thinks of them.

  • Pure White: This product is for men who like simplicity best and prefer white over black. The shine of this product is meant to last for years as it’s quite a durable product that will add a new shine to your wardrobe.

  • Neutral Style: This product is meant for men who are too busy to match different pieces of clothing every day and prefer products that go with anything else they might have a yen to wear.

  • Cotton Lightweight Striped Casual Blazer: This product is for men who can rock any look they sport without feeling any discomfort. It’s a confidence booster for men who don’t have much knowledge about what fashion trends are hot at the moment as this design will stay for a few years.

Did you like the product ideas and variety suggested here? If so, feel free to visit Zobello as we have much more variety than this on our website. All the products on our website suit the style statement as well as the budget of modern Indian men who want to look stylish but also want to invest in top quality products.


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