Notched Blazer A First Choice For Winter Season

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Winters coming up it is time to update your wardrobe. A change in the season is the perfect time to adopt some new colours and styles into your life. With change in fashion trends there is always scope to add a new piece of clothing to spice up your wardrobe. One such apparel, that I feel is an essential in any man’s winter wardrobe, is a notched blazer. Now you may be wondering about the name of the blazer ‘notched’ here is a reference to the lapel of the blazer.

The lapel of the denim blazer online india is sewn onto the collar at an angle. It is a contemporary style that is usually seen on most of the single-breasted jackets. It is great for everyday wear or just about any occasion. In comparison a peaked lapel is something you would associate with double breasted suits or tuxedos. Here in the blazer for men india is pointing outwards. This a more bold dressing choice and usually left for more formal occasions.

Now that you are aware what a notched lapel is let us get into the benefits of getting a notched blazer. A notched men blazer online india is a very versatile winter coat that is ideal for many events and occasions. It has a fit similar to the suit jacket and is the best garment for accentuating the male physique. However the blazer online men exudes the perfect blend of a formal and a casual vibe. You can still look cool and boyish in a blazer, while not disrespecting the formal nature of an event.

This casual blazer aspect associated with blazer allows you to be much more adventurous in your choice of colour and outfit you build around it. In my opinion a blazer is the perfect compromise for a suit in the summers as you do not have to sacrifice your comfort and still casually dapper. You cannot imagine the amount of possibilities that you can open up with getting just a single notched blazers for mens in your wardrobe.

The same black notched blazer that you wore to a party with a casual tee and jeans can be turned into an outfit fit for a wedding by just swapping the tee with a white button-down and the jeans with a pair of pants. Buy blazers online and pairing with a tee a pair of ankle cut chinos and sneakers or loafers. The fit is the most essential part of looking good in a blazer. When trying it on make sure that the shoulders of the jacket sit in line with your and the sleeves do not extend beyond your wrists when stretched. Other parts of a blazer can be altered by an experienced tailor.

Notched blazer for men in India are easily available and you would be able to find them everywhere. However you have a specific colour or style in mind do some blazer online shopping along with our store zobello. Notched branded blazers for men to explore the huge catalogues these portals have where you will find something that will definitely compliment your style.


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