The joy I found in spending a day with my 3-year-old in cheap embroidered polo t-shirts full sleeves and my lounging pants

We get too busy in our day to day lives to pay attention to our kids. I realised this on a lazy Saturday and decided to spend the entire...

We get too busy in our day to day lives to pay attention to our kids. I realised this on a lazy Saturday and decided to spend the entire Sunday with my three-year-old. I took this decision after having a little chat with our watchman who told me that he likes his job because he gets to live with his kids and see them grow daily.

As expected, my wife was pleasantly surprised by my decision to spend the day with our kid. She also decided that she won’t be engaged in housework or her work from home job and play with us. As I am a fan of full sleeve polo t-shirts men online shopping, I pulled on one of those t-shirts with my lounging pants. My wife and I made a list of things our kid loves like playing his block game, making music by beating on surfaces, buying sweets from a local shop, etc. and decided to do all that one by one.

We kicked off the day with the decision to have some healthy breakfast at a café near us, and though my wife wanted me to wear slim fit navy-blue polo t-shirt India, I opted to remain in my lounging pants and a cheap t-shirt. We had a healthy breakfast of plain sandwiches and some fresh juice and then went for a walk in the park. When our baby boy was enjoying the swings available there, we, me and my wife reconnected with some of our neighbours by chatting with them.
On our way back, we picked some creative new toys like clay, crayons, drawing books, toy cars and a dancing minion toy for our boy. When we reached home, we headed straight to the room of our boy and played with him. I think he was feeling quite delirious about the attention we were lavishing on him and paid us off by sharing one of his charming smiles with us. Though I was wearing one of my cheap embroidered polo t shirts full sleeves and lounging pants, I felt richer than the whole world.

Again, we ordered lunch, pizza this time and had it directly from the box. We even gave the day off to our maid and kept our mobiles in silent mode. Though some of you might be thinking that we all wasted a pleasant Sunday, but as a parent, I believe that I gained a check-mark in the “cool parent” section and made our boy feel special.
Even now, two years later, we have made it a policy to spend an entire Sunday once a month with our kid, and we pause our lives just to see him smile. I think these precious moments have made us a more loving family and rejuvenated our marriage as well. I hope one day my kid would realise how much we love him and appreciate the efforts we are putting in!

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