Top 10 Tips To Shop Like A Pro When You Buy Dresses Online

Shopping online is fun. You can shop when you want, irrespective of whether the store is open or not; you don’t need to step out of your home and...

Shopping online is fun. You can shop when you want, irrespective of whether the store is open or not; you don’t need to step out of your home and you can shop while still in your PJs.

And then there is the downside. The dress doesn’t fit you as well as you’d hoped it would. Or the colour is entirely wrong.

Oh-em-gee! This is a shopping nightmare.

How do you get the perfect dress when you shop online? Read these 10 amazing tips and learn from the pros. No more nasty surprises when you buy dresses online.

#1 Know your size

We don’t know why brands do this, but sizes are rarely constant across labels. A large for one brand will be the medium for another. And sometimes even within brands, the size changes for different products.

Don’t rely just on these magical letters; instead, whip out the tape and measure yourself – bust, waist, hips and inseam. Ask someone else to do this for you, preferably a local tailor.

#2 Now compare that to the size charts

Compare your brand new measurements to the website’s size chart. It might even help to check out the original brand’s website to see what the brand recommendation is. The online portal says 10 but maybe a 12 will sit better on you.

Take a look at the model as well. Her height and body shape should give you an idea.

#3 Don’t forget the reviews

Always read customer reviews before you buy dresses online. Especially look out for those that talk about sizes, fit or quality of the material. That is where you will know whether what you see is what you’ll get.

#4 Study all materials

Since shopping online takes away the touch-and-feel part of the shopping experience, you should familiarise yourself with all types of fabric. Feel the clothes that you already have and identify those that feel itchy or uncomfortable. Make note of the material those are made of and stay clear of it when you buy dresses online next.

#5 Is there a video?

Let’s accept it – photographs can be misleading. Many sites have a small video alongside the photograph which gives you a feel for how the dress looks and fits IRL.

#6 Be open to change

Remember, the colour that you see on the screen might be slightly different from what you actually receive, and that it alright. There could be slight variations even batch to batch. However, when a blue top turns up in maroon, then you must return it.

#7 Can you return it?

Return policies vary from site to site. Go through the policies before you make your purchase. Is the return free; how long can you wait before you send the product back; can you send it back; do you have to take the same piece or one from the same brand?

#8 Keep track of brands

As you shop, keep track of brands that you liked and the size and fit of each. This will come in handy when you have to go shopping again.

#9 Who’s your local tailor?

So you got the lovely dress that you really wanted, but it doesn’t fit as well as you’d hoped. Don’t return it just yet. Take it to your local tailor and see if some adjustments can be made. Of course, this only works if the dress is large.

#10 Check and re-check your cart

When you buy dresses online, you can sometimes lose track of how many purchases you actually made. And let’s not even talk about impulse buying. Do you really need all that you bought?

Some sites will let you save items for later. If after a week you still want the skirt, buy it, else let it go.

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