Electronic security demands : Spying of confidential information

Electronic security demands : Spying of confidential information

Spying of confidential information:

No one can deny the usefulness of internet in today’s life.every walk of life is preoccupied with the fast growing internet technology to perform all the tasks. It was never acknowledged before that growing technology will be so free that it can intervene in ones privacy. Such freedom has upset the system of seguridad electronica and jolted the thoughts of people to use the internet very wisely and carefully than ever before.

Unauthorised intrusion:

Despite of many security measures, the large group of internet users are facing security concerns. The video vigilancia is highly uninvited measure of the teams as at times there are few moments which the users are reluctant to record in cameras. But they are helpless and are totally dependent on the owners’ will.

Emission of essential information:

Every step taken on tablets, mobiles and computers are the enlaces punto a punto  which make the information easily accessible by the security agencies to eradicate any possible cause of terrorism or terrorist activities. Many people assume the internet privacy to be secure but in actual they are entirely different from one’s thoughts. They seem to entertain the security measures of people , in fact they are the limited rights of people who are not allowed to access all the rights fully according to their wish.


False location data:

Due to the cloud based data and information, the users cannot limit the intervention and the know how of their locations. People who assume themselves quite sharp are actually unaware of the fact that as soon as they leave homes, their locations are easily traced at every spot wherever they are due to their mobiles. No one can hide the data on their will as all the data is stored on the server who are directly in connection to the government.

Data high memory:

The control de acceso gives a mere satisfaction of security to the online world, although in reality people are not aware what they are facing and to what they are proned. All of the data in form of pictures, videos or any other clips are stored on iCloud which is quite easily accessible by the law enforcing agencies. Whether you allow or not the companies are bound to share the confidential data somehow. Once shared private information can never be removed from the data. This is why it is not wrong to say that data cannot forget the faces.

Tagging and posting photos the common norm of new generation is an open invitation for the innocent users to share their face recognition in the data. They are constantly assured by facebook of their confidentiality but when the facebook share the data with third parties the photographs are automatically also shared and one cannot understand how it is not shared.

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