Find Love At The Strangest Of Places This Valentine’s Day

Moving away from the societal conventions of love, this Valentine’s Day, Myntra’s designers Darshana and Vidhi,

Moving away from the societal conventions of love, this Valentine’s Day, Myntra’s designers Darshana and Vidhi, of Lokal South and Ink Bucket respectively have come together to bring you a special story about people finding love. No two love stories are the same, it can be found at the strangest of places and happens when you least expect to.

So, tipping our hats to the beauty and innocence of love, Myntra in their latest Valentine’s Day video has shared some unique love stories of people that anyone can relate to. The entire month of February is dedicated to love and if there was one thing that we can’t deny is our love for fashion and online shopping. But why do we really love online shopping?

One of the most common reason why we love online shopping is obviously because it is so much cheaper. If you have to buy anything from your Myntra App now, you’ll realize that you are paying so much lesser than what you’d pay at a branded store. Apart from that there is always the convenience factor that none can beat. I mean shopping from the comfort of your homes and have your favourite things delivered to you with the flick of your finger is the best. Besides, now with Mynra App you can return and get refunds without any problems as well. No questions asked and an absolutely hassle free shopping has made us fall in love with online shopping through Myntra. And now that it’s Valentine’s Day you can also take a pick from the widest range of fashionable men’s wear and women’s were as a gift to your special one.

Just like we love shopping and wouldn’t mind celebrating this love on Valentine’s Day, these people in the video are also deeply in love but not particularly with another person. As the video begins, you can see a girl telling us how she is so much in love and how she is being pampered and adored by her better half. We see more people after her and all of them are similarly in love and will narrate us what their plans are for the V-Day and how they are in a loving relationship. One girl says that she plans to go on a long drive just like every year and the other boy says how he is being so well understood by his girlfriend. As we reach the end of the video we see that our pre conceived notions are broken and who the people were narrating about weren’t exactly other people. Love has no boundaries; you may find love in the eyes of your furry friend or your passions. We are shown that the people were actually telling us about their pets, bike, books, guitar etc.  All these thing can very much make you fall in love with them. It’s all about what your passions are. You don’t necessarily need another person to be in love with.

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