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Duffle Bags Online India

When it comes to traveling, we must take travel bags that are lightweight and easy to carry, with ample space. Often times it comes to an untold official litmus test for men’s travel bags to think about the bags as, would their grandfathers love it? Or better still would they be proud of the urban travel duffel bags that men are carrying around?

The simple answer to that should be, the items should be stylish and useful during today’s modern times and should also honor the men on whose shoulders our existence stands! A duffle bags for men comes with a lot of history about its origins. It first originated in Duffel, Belgium. The modern day equivalent of urban duffel bags, online is made from high-end canvas.

The cloth in those days seemed to protect personal belongings from the sea spray so well, that it slowly became the staple for travel choices for sailors and soldiers alike. Men began storing their most cherished belongings at sea in several variations of the good old duffle bags india and it was a handy tool even during the World War II.

Duffle Bag vs Backpack

While backpacks for men are highly convenient, stylish and functional, but not everyone is a backpack bags kind of person! There are serious men who might end up looking rather sheepish when carrying a backpack during their business travels. In such cases the duffle bags online are more fashionable, practical and add that contemporary business, casual appeal.

Some destinations are made for traveling with a backpack, like hiking or trekking trips and other adventures. But duffle bags online india are made for the urban setting. Unless you have chances of water and boat rides during your trip, duffle bags can a good choice of convenience and comfort. Backpacks usually come with waterproofing materials and water-resistant coverings, which are useful for occasions of visiting places one a boat or an area that rains a lot. But when in a modern, stylish city like Singapore, Macau or simply an exploration trip to Manhattan, a stylish duffle bag can be your best friend.

Where to Buy Urban Travel Gear in India?

Modern travel gears like leather duffle bags online india are changing the face of traveling accessories for men everywhere. But going back to our previous thought on men’s fashion litmus test, it seems duffle bags have always been around for men who traveled with a purpose in mind. Whether it was to tame the seas and travel far and wide, or to march and fight a dictator, or simply explore the Wild West.

These are great pieces of historic men’s wear that were lugged over shoulders and contained precious belongings like mom’s letters, photos of the girl the guy loved, photos of friends back home and a few other precious items that our forefathers had the chance to cherish during those harsh times. Since, then the duffle bag or gym duffle bags online india has traveled to its urban descent, wherein it is now a city life staple for the modern man!

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