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When my decision to buy handbags for mens online for our first anniversary was termed perfect. My marriage was a typical arranged marriage. Our parents made the match and both of us agreed to it after a couple of “family approved” meetings. This was the reason that we were still discovering each other’s preferences before the end of the first year of our marriage. As our first anniversary was approaching I decided to pick a gift for my husband by searching his laptop’s history.

This idea proved to be successful one day when he was out picking pizza. I sneaked into his laptop and checked its history. As I didn’t have the time to decide which handbag he was hoping to buy, I turned off his laptop and decided to buy handbags for mens by my own choices. Though I was quite confused about which sort of handbag to buy as there are so many amazing options online, I picked one that I thought would suit my husband and ensured that it was delivered at my parents’ house.

While looking for mens fashion bags online, I decided to buy a duffel bags for men too as my husband is quite fond of weekend trips. The packages were delivered nicely wrapped together, and my brother agreed to keep them in his room in order to preserve my surprise. I picked them up shortly after. Finally, the day of our anniversary arrived, and my husband bought me a diamond ring that I had liked when selecting our engagement ring but couldn’t buy because it didn’t have the right stones, rubies.

I was delighted to see that my husband had added the initials of our names engraved beneath the ring and had added a little card to it. It was then I gave him the gift the bags for men I had picked from handbags for mens online . One look at his face and I felt giddy inside. I knew that I had picked the right handbag and that my efforts were not fruitless. He hugged me hard, and I felt like a queen with the look of sheer delight on his face. It was then I told him about the second gift and offered the duffle bags online by saying that I hoped it would suffice for all our weekend trips from then on. I could tell by his face that he was delighted by this choice too though he said there was no need to buy two gifts.

I told him that I gave him two gifts because he was a perfect husband who hasn’t let me shed even two tears and always stood by me in the last one year. We had a romantic dinner that night and spent hours talking afterward. Until this day, I think that day was the perfect day of our lives as it made us realize that we really can know what’s in each other’s heart and make each other deliriously happy.


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