Men’s summer wardrobe staple – casual shirts

Casual Shirts for Men – Buy Mens Shirts Online in India Casual shirts are a must in every man’s summer wardrobe. They are easy to style, simple and comfortable...

Casual Shirts for Men – Buy Mens Shirts Online in India

Casual shirts are a must in every man’s summer wardrobe. They are easy to style, simple and comfortable to wear and when styled perfectly they can quickly enhance your look without over-thinking it or putting a lot of effort into dressing up. For most men that will sound like the ideal summer fix. So, we at Zobello are offering a summer special collection of the trendiest casual shirts for men.

The trick to choosing the best casual shirts for oneself is to find the balanced middle-ground between too casual or too formal. It should be a little more put-together in looks when compared with a t-shirt, but not as close to being formal as a jacket or a blazer. Most men grab onto their favourite Polo t-shirt when it comes to dressing modestly casual, but while they are great for casual occasions, may risk of looking like the uniform for college frat boys.
But with casual shirts you have the freedom to pair with anything you want and wear in different ways. Most casual shirts go very well with jeans, chinos, shorts, and trousers. Wear it tucked in or un-tucked for a Sunday brunch with friends or a day shopping with your girlfriend. Here are 4 casual shirts for men from Zobello, which will complete your summer wardrobe:

Patterned shirts:

Nothing says personality louder than patterns of apparel, and while most men would try to shy away from too busy patterns. The hottest trend this summer is casual shirt with abstract patterns and prints. The new summer casual shirt is a resurrection of classic Hawaiian shirts but with modern finishes, fine-tuned pattern size and ratio and a form fitted silhouette. Simple linen shirts made of 100 percent printed linen fabric with punchy colours and patterns are topping the fashion charts and most casual shirt brands are offering their unique rendition of this style. Here at, you will find exotic summer patterns with beachy Mediterranean holiday vibes like palm tree prints, forest bird print and even small strawberry printed ones among numerous others.

Tie dye shirts:

There is something unique to tie dye shirts and summer style, the funky tie dye designs are as unique as snowflakes with no two looking the same. Also tie dye patterned shirts from Zobello are made with 100 percent pure soft cotton fabric that makes it light and breathable for the scorching hot summer outdoors. All you need to pack for a quick weekend trip to the suburbs are a pair of tie dye casual shirts, a pair of light coloured chinos or cargo shorts and a stylish fedora to look like the star you feel inside.

Simple linen shirts:

Linen is the perfect summertime fabric and having a linen shirt in a simple colour like white, light blue or lime is the perfect summer uniform. The pure Italian linen fabric offers a cool and comfortable wear as it is breathable and light on your skin. Style your simple white linen shirt with a pair of khaki pants or denims to smart the dreamy look this summer.

Short kurtas:

To mix it up you can add an ethnic touch to your summer casual shirt and put on a cotton seersucker kurta made with 100 percent pure cotton fabric. Featuring smart Chinese collars these are perfect options for a family summer morning get-together or a long awaited first date with special someone. While not the latest in fashion, this age old classic outfit still makes girls swoon the best.

Hope you will enjoy staying cool this summer with these light casual shirts for men!

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