The ultimate pairing – Most fashionable shrugs and tops

There is something magical about a sleeveless top. It can help you create a look like no other top. It can add spunk, create a playful look and curate...

There is something magical about a sleeveless top. It can help you create a look like no other top. It can add spunk, create a playful look and curate a classy image with the right kind of bottoms or accessories. Sleeveless tops and kurits are great for weather conditions in India. However, it gets challenging to wear them when you are in between grooming and there is no time. They can become a handicap to wear if you are working in one of those MNC environments where the air conditioners work at a low temperature. It is just for occasions like these that one of the fashion accessories practically dons the role of a super garment to up the look in a few seconds. It is the shrug! Shrugs come in all colors, sizes, fabrics, block colors and there are even printed shrugs for women.

Buying shrugs is a task if you are to stick to only local markets. Online women’s shrug shopping is a lot easier. The entire range of printed shrugs for women right from prints to patterns in varying lengths are easily accessible online.  You have access to some of the best shrug designs from fashion houses and designers when you opt to buy them online.  With the onset of winters, a range of woolen shrugs is currently the hot favorite in the market, whether offline or online.

Shrugs are super handy with sleeveless kurta or kurtis. They can act as a replacement for dupatta. They offer a lot of freedom to wear sleeveless tops in between your personal grooming sessions. With a few shrugs in your wardrobe, your sleeveless tops, tunics, and kurtis can be worn all around the year.

Printed short shrugs are a great combination with long sleeveless monotone kurta or kurti. This combination creates a very cool and casual look. It is great for work, college or a casual outing. When choosing printed shrugs, ensure not all of your shrugs fall under the same category of prints. If one of the prints is in floral pattern, pick another in a geometric print. Just ensure that you don’t end up with similar looking prints. This will help you customize multiple looks with your shrugs.

Printed long shrugs can be paired up with practically anything. They work wonderfully well with jeans and crop tops, skirts and tops, leggings or jeggings with bodycon tops, sleeveless or halter neck tops too. They create a sassy look when worn with big and chunky waist wear like belts, tie-ups or strings.

Printed shrugs for women are a fashion accessory that will instantly be helpful in creating a unique look every time you want to wear them with or without a sleeveless top. They are great even with printed tops for women, shirts and t-shirts sometimes depending on how you pair them up. No matter what kind of top you intend to wear, keep a few shrugs handy as they will instantly pep up your look.


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