4 Ways You Can Buy A Great Ring on a Budget

Love is easy but buying an engagement ring can be pretty tricky

Love is easy but buying an engagement ring can be pretty tricky, especially if you’re on a budget! But as long as you know what you are doing and are prepared, you can figure out a way to get the most bang for your bling! Here are 4 ways to help you buy an engagement ring on a budget.

  1. Be As Informed As Possible

To get the best deals, you definitely need to know what you are getting into when shopping for an engagement ring. Buying a diamond centers on the “4Cs” – cut, color, clarity and carat. The cut of a diamond decides how big or shiny it looks. For example, if you opt for an emerald cut which has fewer facets, it won’t be as shiny as a round diamond but will face up larger than a round diamond of the same carat weight (i.e. it will look bigger). Remember, flawless diamonds will be more expensive than their included (with some flaws) counterparts. But the naked eye cannot tell the difference between flawless and very slightly included (flawed). For a great value, choose a VS1 or VS2 diamond – it will look perfect to the unaided eye and you will save a great deal!

  1. Metal Matters

Of course, platinum has a lot of great qualities; it is durable, gives off a good shine but it is SO expensive! White gold may be for you, if you want the look of platinum, without the huge price tag. Most engagement rings are made of yellow gold and it works best! Yellow gold makes for a beautiful vintage-style or a classic engagement ring. On the other hand, white gold gives off a more modern look, but you should know that an engagement ring of white gold may have to be re-plated with rhodium every 2-3 years to retain its luster.

  1. Don’t Settle; Shop Around

To find the best bargain for your perfect engagement ring, you need to look around a bit. Make sure that the stores you are shopping at are reputable and whether the staff is knowledgeable. Find out about what guarantees and warranties they offer. Don’t stick to only traditional retailers. There are many reputable online retailers that offer exclusive deals and wide variety of engagement rings. Also, keep an eye out for antique stores! Antique diamonds are usually hand-cut and the rings are handmade so it’s totally unique. But, do keep in mind that antique stores will not give you a diamond grading report.

  1. Consider Pave Diamonds

If you are on a tight budget, you can’t buy a big diamond for your engagement ring BUT you can still buy an engagement ring that’s sparkling and bright – thanks to pave diamonds! Pave diamonds are small diamonds that give a glittery, starry look to an engagement ring. Because the diamonds are so small and relatively common, they are way less expensive. You can buy a smaller center stone and choose a band with pave diamonds. It will be as bright as an engagement ring with a big diamond, but for a considerably lower cost!

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