Choosing the right necklace length

To look great in a necklace, be it a chain necklace, pendant or a string of pearls, it is important to get the right for your neck. Buying a...

To look great in a necklace, be it a chain necklace, pendant or a string of pearls, it is important to get the right for your neck. Buying a new necklace is exciting but before rushing into any purchase it is important to buy the right length. It is necessary to consider the length of the necklace that fits not only your neck but also the outfit that you are wearing. Necklace sets online comes in industry standard lengths. If jewellery is worn correctly, it can draw the attention of many of your best assets and focus away attention from those that you would rather not like to flaunt.  This article will assist you selecting the right length necklace set that will showcase your attire, personality and will accentuate your best features.

Choosing the right necklace set online mainly depends on below factors:

  • Neck Size

Take some time to measure your neck, most importantly if you are planning to buy a choker. The easiest way to measure it is to wrap a soft length tape around your neck and add 2 inches to it. The comfortable length of the choker handmade necklace set is 16 inches. Choker works best for people with long neck and defines an individuality.

  • Height

Height is another factor which is to be considered while buying a necklace set online. Women below 5’4” look best wearing a 16 -20-inch necklace length. Though the women of height 5’4” to 5’7” inches can wear any length. On the other hand, longer chain styles necklaces look best on women who are tall.

  • Body type

People’s eyes will stop at the point where your necklace set ends. For women with smaller bust and heavy neck, a long thin chained or a long multi layered long chained will look good on them. The necklace set that sits right below the breast line should be avoided by a full-figured woman because it will perfectly fit.

  • Face shape

Necklaces frame your face. It then becomes important to choose it right. A right necklace can help you accentuate your facial features that you really want to flaunt and will also alter the way the people perceive you looks. The oval shaped faces can take an advantage of necklace of any length, shape or type. Heart-shaped faces look great with choker or any short length necklace set as it will create an illusion of fullness.

The jewellery industry has standard necklace sizes in inches. Which you can change and customize according to your choice. Choosing the right necklace is a crucial job. But when’s done it can create a flattering image. By not jumping on a trend, one should always look for the right size necklace.


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