Enhance Spirituality by Keeping Orgone Pyramid at Home

Keep the Orgone Pyramids on top of the water purifier and similar devices and feel the purity it creates.

Orgone energy is believed to be a creative force which flows naturally in nature. Not only for human, it has been observed that the plants also get affected by this energy. Positive Orgone energy is beneficial for all living things and known also in the names of chi, prana, ki, etheric, and so on. As it is evident that positives and negatives always exist together and so the energies are. The Dead orgone energy is an energy blocker which blocks the natural path of orgone energy from places or thing. The impacts of dead orgone vitality can be felt in a few routes, for example, low physical vitality levels or perhaps to be in an awful disposition or to feel physically sick and even turn out to be sick. So, to keep yourself healthy and hearty, buy Orgone Pyramid today.

Crystal made Orgone Pyramids

Clear quartz crystal is also known as universal stone. The Quartz consists of four elements. It receives, transmits, activates, stores and amplifies the energy and helps us to store energy. Quartz has a long history of spiritual uses. Spiritually inclined societies use it for balancing chakras, transforming energy and a host of other metaphysical uses. Quartz crystals or stones also aid in healing and protection. Crystals emit vibration which affects the human body positively. All these effects are being centralized in Orgone pyramids in the form of chakras. The Crystal pyramids miraculous effects can only be felt after keeping it nearby.

Protection from EMFs

Presently, we live in the environment where we get exposed to various pollutants. Whether it is the air pollutant or water or electromagnetic, all leave negative effects on our body and living. Especially the electromagnetic radiations. The major source of EMFs is wifi, mobile towers, TVs, mobile phones and all other devices. So, to protect people from such radiations, Orgone India has come up with various products which emit positive radiation by absorbing the environmental negativity. Just visit www.orgoneindia.com to Buy Orgone Pyramid Online for a better living.

How to use the Orgone Pyramid?

You can keep them near your bed or at the workplace, can carry during traveling or where ever you tend to spend more time. You can also keep them on top of TV units and other electronic equipment.


Jatin Pandya is sole proprietor and owner of OrgoneIndia, leading wholesalers and exporter of top quality Orognite prodcuts. OrogneIndia offers original Orgone Pyramids which helps increase spiritual energy.
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