Healing Crystals – How Do They Work

Empaths are constantly searching for ways to cope with the constant shifts in themselves and the world around them. Reiki, Meditation, and healing Crystals are just a few of...

Empaths are constantly searching for ways to cope with the constant shifts in themselves and the world around them. Reiki, Meditation, and healing Crystals are just a few of those ways. Many Empaths are drawn to Crystals and Minerals out of a genuine love for them.

Crystals and Minerals are a gift from the Creator. They evolve into existence when environmental conditions change, creating liquids, gases, heat, pressure, and everything else that happens to and on the earth. Crystals and Minerals come to us in every color of the rainbow, and a million different textures, shapes, and sizes, inspiring awe in us – they are truly beautiful and amazing! In our articles, we share our own experience with individual crystals, and how we use them.

Crystals Do Vibrate

Crystals vibrate… if you look at Melody’s “Love is in the Earth” you will find information about what each crystal is made of, how it came about, her personal experience with using them. She explains what they are generally used for, and what number they vibrate to. This book is the most credible source of information about crystals and minerals there is. Every type of crystal and mineral is in her book, and there are several Addendums that have come out as new crystals are discovered. A new crystal buyer should start with a basic set of stones, learn their names, carry them, meditate with them, form a bond with them, and learn to feel the vibrations and energy of them.

Not all people feel vibrations the same way. As you collect crystals, your sensitivity will increase. Most people feel the vibration of crystals best in their non-dominant hand. If you are right-handed, put the stone in your left hand, and vice versa. After a while, you will be able to tell more about the crystals just by holding them than you can by reading about them. Attuning ourselves to crystals is a personal experience. There are some crystals that will really resonate with you more than others. Some crystals will feel nothing like the book says they should. It depends on you – how you feel at the moment, your health condition, your mental and emotional state, and what you use the crystal form.

How Do I Learn To Use Crystals and Minerals?

It helps to learn about how vibrations affect us. Vibrations are a form of energy. Some vibrations make us happy and calm, while other vibrations can be bothersome, depending on the person. Vibrations, what they are, and how they work will be explored in another article, and probably will be placed in our Aura or Energy Healing articles to come later.

Crystals and Minerals will affect us in a more positive way when we learn to use them. Again, it is a personal preference that determines what you will be using them for. Some people just like to have them as decorations about the home. Some people are avid collectors, especially geologists and RockHounds. Some people use them to make jewelry that is beautiful. Some people use them for Feng Shui. Some people just use them for Mediation. Some people like to carry them, and some people give them to others because they want that person to be reminded that they are loved. Some people carry them for their metaphysical properties, such as protection, prosperity, mental clarity, and to boost psychic abilities, especially intuition. I use them for all the above, but I use them for healing work more than anything else.

Learning Reiki Will Help You

It will help tremendously to learn about Energy and how to use and transfer energy, both to others and to your stones. Information about Chakras and how they work is provided in other articles on this website. These two areas are very important when working with stones for healing purposes. Note: If a person claims to be a “Crystal Healer”, ask to see certificates. Just being “intuitive” about crystals is NOT enough to be a Crystal Healer. Can anyone heal with crystals? Absolutely! Anyone can collect crystals and learn to use them for healing. You will know if it’s working on not, and it’s a constant learning process. What works for one person may or may not work for another. If you love crystals, you will come by this naturally.

I’ve been using crystals for every purpose since I was about 8 years old. My grandfather was a Ph.D. in Geology. I have had rocks, crystals, and minerals all my life, and I am intuitive with them. I can look at someone, do a Chakra Balancing, set up grids, and choose exactly the right crystals for them, even online. I have never had an unhappy customer. But as people change, heal and progress along their own path, the right crystals for them will also change. Don’t be afraid to experiment and explore. It’s a journey that never gets boring.


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