How To Choose A Diamond Gold Pendant Designs And Collection Online?

Diamond has its unique place in between the precious gems.

It is the symbol of long lasting love and timeless beauty which is why, it has the part of large number of engagement rings and diamond pendant designs for brides. The diamond gold pendants come up in various ranges and they represent the bright and bold fashion statement. Whether you want to give them as a gift to your family members or you want to surprise your spouse, the gold diamond pendants always work best. So, we have come up with some exclusive tips and tricks to help you in getting the best piece of diamond for your loved ones.
Grades of diamond pendants:
The diamonds are the most carefully graded and regulated items as every stone of diamond is given the grade on the basis of the four unique characteristics. Such properties show the value of the stone and they include the cut, weight, clarity and color of the diamond.

  1. Cut:

The cut of the diamond doesn’t reflect its entire shape. The cut actually shows that how well the diamond cutter has given the stone its shape. The diamond which has been cut shallowly allows the light rays leakage from stone bottom which reduces the brilliance and provides the icy appearance. Moreover, the stone which is deep at its center offers the dim and dull look.

  1. Color:

Many natural diamonds are colorless or white at first instance but after careful evaluation, they are actually brown or yellow in color. These diamonds are graded from the pure white, A to the colored, Z. many quality diamonds fall within F to I class. The yellow gold diamond pendants hide the tint of the gemstone very easily. So, it is highly recommended that whenever you go for the purchase of the diamond gold pendant designs with price, look for the color of the gem according to its settings. The highly colored diamond is actually more valuable and is the most original one when compared to the others.

  1. Clarity:

Every diamond has the uniqueness in it but it is the flaws and freckles in every diamond part that makes it completely unique. When the diamonds are formed, the diamond structure carries the fleck of other minerals which imparts black speckles in it. Such small flaws and freckles don’t hide the overall fire of gem but they make it dim or dull. Thus the clearer diamond has been given some unique label according to the one that carries freckles in it. The flawless diamond is the rarest clarity diamond and is labeled as FL whereas; the diamond having visible freckles is labeled as I1, I2 and I3. So, if you are going to buy the diamond gold pendants for women then it is highly recommended to look for the clarity of the diamond.

  1. Weight of carat:

The carat is the usual weight measurement for the gemstone. Such measurements are equivalent to the 0.2 grams or 100 points. The larger weight of the carat reflects the big stone of diamond. For the diamond gold pendant designs, the total weight of the carat is actually featured along with the weight of the individual gem.

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