Loose diamonds in India

Nowadays, loose diamonds are also becoming more well-known. Loose jewels are those that have not been place into a piece of jewelry. Loose jewels were first excavated in Indian...

Nowadays, loose diamonds are also becoming more well-known. Loose jewels are those that have not been place into a piece of jewelry. Loose jewels were first excavated in Indian centuries ago. However, most jewels tend to be seen in African today.

The main advantage of reduce precious rock is that it can be set in any type of steel with the type of style an individual wants. While purchasing loose diamonds or other jewels, a purchaser must know about the 4 Cs: cut, color, top quality and carat weight. These Cs will help an individual to figure out its top quality.

While shopping around for a reduce precious rock at any jewelry store or on the internet precious rock supplier be sure to ask each supplier for a 10X loupe. It is a top quality assigned to jewels so that you may effectively examine the core of the precious rock under magnification. There are also such microscopes manufactured specifically for monitoring jewels and jewels. It is also essential to know about the nature and location of the blemishes present in the precious rock.

Loose jewels can also be purchased on the internet, but it is always better to see the actual rock before purchasing. A picture cannot help a purchaser to decide its top quality. Seeing the gem closely is also the only sure way to figure out things like its fire and elegance.

Diamonds come in more forms than any other gem. Jewellery with spectacular table decorations are available in circular, ruby cut, heart, marquise, square, pear, queen, radiant, and billion. Diamonds as accessories are usually seen in small circular forms and baguettes. Popular earrings are usually circular or queen cut, though some may come in more fancy forms.

As with all other jewelry, precious rock jewelry needs to be taken care of effectively to ensure durable wear and charm.

Loose precious rock costs are determined by four aspects – carat weight, color, cut and top quality. GIA has a color range that qualities loose diamonds in alphabets from D to Z depending on the intensity of color. When you buy loose diamonds on the internet shops, choose the colors that not only complement your jewelry style, but also fit into your cost range as well.

Loose Diamond Colour Chart

Diamond costs depend on four key elements – carat weight, color, cut and top quality. When you are purchasing jewels on the internet, you should have an understanding of these aspects so that you can get the maximum value for your money. Carat refers to the weight of a precious rock stone, while cut explains the technical details of the stone; the number of facets and aircraft on the precious rock. During the precious rock development process, many blemishes maybe formed inside the rock, which affect the high company’s rock. Loose jewels come in a plethora of colors and shades such as black, pink, yellow-colored, and more. A white-colored or colourless precious rock is priced higher than a rock that has a dash of yellow-colored in it. So, while selecting a precious rock stone, pick a color that not only suits your requirement, but also stays within your cost range. To create a wise choice, you should first have an understanding of how jewels are evaluated based on their colors.

GIA has a precious rock color range that is used almost globally to top quality the hue of these jewels. Let’s take a quick look at this color rating range.


When you buy jewels in Indian, go for D, E and F-graded jewels if you want completely colourless or white-colored jewels. The differences between these qualities are very minute and can be recognized only by a trained expert. So, if you want to buy colourless jewels, you can save a lot on precious rock costs by selecting an F evaluated precious rock stone instead of a D top quality. These rocks look great when set on platinum and white-colored silver or platinum, as these materials enhance the colourless effect of the rock.

Near Colourless

These jewels are evaluated as G, H, I and J, and feature weak records of color. The cost of near colourless jewels is considerably less than colourless ones. Have these loose diamonds set on silver steel and you can hardly find the difference between a colourless and near colourless precious rock.

Faint Colour

Featuring a shade of yellow-colored that can be recognized by an inexperienced eye, faint-coloured precious rock rocks come with an amount tag that is nearly half of a G-graded precious rock. Grades that identify these jewels are K, L and M.

Very Mild Colour

Identified by qualities from N to R, these loose diamonds have a yellow-colored or brown shade that is clearly visible. These jewels are comparatively inexpensive, and are usually not used in jewelry designs.

Light Colour

Graded from S to Z, these rocks have too much color and usually are not preferred for jewelry making. They are of low top quality and low cleanliness rocks.

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