Revive Your Jewelry Business with Amazing Sterling Silver Bangles Wholesale Deals

Bangles are one of the most popular forms of jewelry. These have been worn by women for ages and today, they still remain the most common ornaments. If you...

Bangles are one of the most popular forms of jewelry. These have been worn by women for ages and today, they still remain the most common ornaments. If you are in the jewelry business, you can now expand your customer base by investing in the latest bangle styles and trends. To do this, you have to learn about the best materials in the market. While gold remains one of the most popular materials in making bangles, consumers are looking for more affordable yet brilliant alternatives. This is where sterling silver bangles come into play. Sterling silver is an alloy of silver (92.5%) and copper and has emerged as the most beautiful material in jewelry manufacture. If you are looking for a way to revamp your jewelry shop sales, it is time you started looking for the best sterling silver bangles wholesale deals in the market.

Why Sterling Silver Bangles are in Demand

Before investing in sterling silver jewelry, it is important to get all the insight you can on this metal. Silver has been in use for centuries and is among the first five metals discovered for use by humans. However, it is a very soft metal and thus cannot be used alone. When combined with copper, it gives white sparkling sterling silver.

This is one of the most brilliant metals in the market and has spawned new jewelry designers in the industry. Due to its amazing qualities, sterling jewelry is now being worn by celebrities. These are considered fashion icons another reason which makes this jewelry a worthy investment for your shop.

There is now an abundance of designer sterling silver jewelry in the market and as a retailer, you need to stock these to expand your market reach.

If you are looking for a way to revive your sales, it is time to buy sterling silver in bulk. Other reasons to invest in these pieces include:

  1. Ever Growing Demand

Silver has always been a popular metal in jewelry making and you can leverage this fact to boost sales. Sterling silver jewelry sells and with more people going for high quality pieces, you can easily recoup your investment.

  1. Good Value

Sterling silver bangles, earrings and other pieces are glamorous and simply irresistible. This is the whitest metal around and yet it is more affordable than gold or platinum. While the selling point will be its lower price, you are sure customers will appreciate the value of the pieces.

  1. Durability

Sterling silver jewelry is tough and can stand the test of time. This is exactly what your customers need; affordable yet durable jewelry. These pieces can easily be filed and polished to restore their former allure in case of any damage.

  1. Design Galore

One of the main qualities consumers are looking for in jewelry is ease of customization. With sterling silver, you have one of the most customizable metals. There are many jewelry designs for your customer to choose from and new concepts keep emerging. This keeps customers coming back to your shop to add to their collection.

  1. Fashion Appeal

Trends in fashion evolve rapidly and your customers always strive to keep up. For instance, celebrities such as Sandra Bullock, Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez and Angelina Jolie have been spotted wearing sterling silver pieces. This has in turn spurred interest in this type of jewelry. By adding these pieces in your collection, you will easily meet emerging consumer needs.

  1. Health Benefits

Many consumers are now conscious about the safety of jewelry they are wearing. Some of the precious gems in the market have been found to cause skin irritation and other allergic reactions. Sterling silver is 100% non-reactive and this makes it the safest form of jewelry in the market.

There are many other reasons to stock this type of jewelry in your store. These pieces are more affordable, easy to maintain and they are also universally recognizable. They can also be customized to suit any style a customer wants.

Shopping for Wholesale Sterling Silver Deals

To get the best wholesale deals in sterling silver jewelry, consider the following:

  • Reputation of supplier: Take time to identify a reputable supplier by reading reviews and testimonials. Only deal with a supplier who has a solid track record in the industry.

  • Compare rates: Visit different online stores to compare the best rates for bulk orders. The shopping process should also be streamlined to make it easier to order and make any changes.

  • Range of products: A good supplier should have a wide range of sterling silver jewelry including the latest designs to suit your customers’ taste.

In summary, more consumers are going for sterling silver jewelry because of their affordability, versatile designs, health benefits and exquisite beauty. This is why you need to start looking for the best sterling silver bangles wholesale deals.


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