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When you’re looking for safe electrical wire, EWCSWire has everything you need. Established in 1994, EWCSWire is a company made up of knowledgeable specialists who are well versed in...

When you’re looking for safe electrical wire, EWCSWire has everything you need. Established in 1994, EWCSWire is a company made up of knowledgeable specialists who are well versed in all of the safety guidelines and purposes that the different varieties of cable serve. They offer aluminum cables, instrumentation and electronic cables, copper and control cables, marine cables, and welding cable.

Aluminum Cables
Aluminum building wiring is a type of electrical wire that is more lightweight than copper wire and highly conductive. Aluminum wire is often less expensive than the copper alternative. Aluminum wiring was largely popular during the 1960s, when copper prices were at a historical high, but is still used today in residential buildings. Aluminum cables offer an advantageous conductivity to weight ratio. This makes them popular for overhead power lines. EWCSWire offers aluminum building wire, aluminum triplex cables, and aluminum quadraplex cables available in a variety of AWG (American Wire Gauge) voltages.

Instrumentation and Electronic Cables
EWCSWire has an impressive stock of instrumentation and electronic cables. Their cables are high quality and tested for approval from the Nation Electric Code. They offer plenum rated cable as well as riser rated cable. Plenum rated cable is wiring that is approved to run through the plenum areas in a building. Plenum spaces are the areas designed for air circulation. These spaces are usually between the structural ceiling and the drop ceiling of a building. Because they’re made to facilitate ventilation, these areas have different requirements of the cables that run through them. Plenum-rated cables require special jacketing that makes them resistant to flame and lower toxicity, so that smoke is less susceptible to fill a building. EWCSWire’s riser-rates cables are approved cables to run through the spaces between floors in a building. These cables are tested to avoid the spread of fire from one floor to another. The experts at EWCSWire know that these fire codes are not only important, but required. They provide cables for fire alarms and security alarms that are designed and tested to fit these mandated codes.

Copper and Control Cables
Copper is a highly conductive electrical wire. Copper has a high tensile strength and ductility. It’s both strong and flexible, making it extremely useful. EWCSWire offers bare copper for grounding in residential, industrial, and commercial applications in a variety of sizes. They carry solid bare copper as well as stranded bare copper. Solid copper wire is a single strand of copper wire that is rigid, and therefore best used for permanent installation and not handled frequently. Stranded wire is multiple strands of copper twisted together. This is much more flexible than solid wire, making it easier to install and handle. EWCSWire also offers insulated copper cables for residential use. Their building wiring is available in different sizes with different colored coatings depending on your needs.

Marine Cables
Marine cables are cables used on boats that can be used in both wet and dry conditions. EWCSWire offers UL approved marine wire different gauges. UL approved means that the cables passed tests posed by the Underwriters Laboratories, a global company established to make sure electrical companies are following safety requirements. From EWCSWire, you can get marine cables and adhesive shrink tubing to seal the connection between the wire itself and the terminal.

Welding Cable
EWCSWire has an incredible selection of welding cables in several different gauges. Welding requires a high electrical current. For that reason, welding cables are made with a high quality synthetic rubber insulation. This kind of cable can be used for many other high-current uses, such as battery cables, inverter cables, and solar hookups. When dealing with currents like this, it’s important to have a safe heat and moisture resistant insulation over the wire. That’s what makes welding wire different from other kinds of wiring.

This is only a small snippet of information regard EWCSWire’s immense supply of electrical wires. To check out their stock and learn about them as a company, visit them online today!

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