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The current fashion trend has turned its attention towards sports shoes and sneakers.

The current fashion trend has turned its attention towards sports shoes and sneakers. Even a while ago, these comfy footwear had hardly ever been considered fashionable enough. It has solely been looked as sports shoes for men, footwear for fitness classes, one that is meant to be worn during adventurous treks and holidays on the mountains. Sometimes, they have also been seen as the ideal footwear to keep cold away from your feet during winters. Apparently, it has been considered to be everything other than a coveted fashion footwear.

The scenario had been marginally better for men. But, for women, stilettos, wedges, gladiators, frilly sandals and a host of other options for women’s shoes have always ruled the fashion scene time. This is because they were not considered ‘feminine’ enough. Rising from its humble status, it now commands attention from men and women alike. It is a versatile footwear that men and women can team with almost any attire. No wonder, sports shoes have arrived and how!

Here’s how you can experiment with your look by pairing your sportswear with the following attire in your wardrobe:

Leggings/jeggings – Still believe shorts shoes for women don’t complement your leggings? Look around, see the extensive range of the sports shoes for women available online and join the trend. The myriad choices will leave you craving for some too. Go girl!

Skirts – Be it a formal skirt, flared, A-line, long, calf-length or mini – name it and you can style your skirt with these super-comfy sneakers, canvas shoes and sports shoes. Match the colour of your shoe with your skirt or go for colour block, and you are good to make some heads turn the moment you step out.

Dresses – Give your favourite dresses a unique look with the trendiest sportswear. You’ve been pairing them with the same strappy sandals and stilettos. Why not experiment with fashion and rock your dresses with the new fashion trend?

Casual structured suits – Yes, even casual suits! Why leave suits from this list when men can explore new style with this trend. Buy it from a store or opt for some sport shoes from online portals that specialise in online shopping for men and wear the trend like you own it!

Jeans – For men, teaming sports shoes has been one of the favored footwear options but the same cannot be said for women. With the new wave in fashion footwear, sports shoes for women are ruling their wardrobe, making it the trend for the moment.

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