Simple tips to choose the best sports treat for your feet

The article is about getting the right pair of sports shoes for mens

Creating a healthy routine is not just about adhering to a healthy diet but also about maintaining the right fitness. Talking about fitness, do you like to begin the day with those early morning jogs?  But do you have the right pair of running shoes?

It’s hard to think about starting you fitness regime without having the right pair of sports shoes. There is a lot that goes into buying a new pair of sports shoes for men or women. And these days with myriad online shopping sites in India, picking up the right shoes for you is nothing less than a challenge.

While some consider barefoot shoes work the best for natural running and light shoes help you run faster, the world of sports footwear is full of myths and opinions. Regardless of the truth in these ‘facts’ it is important to understand that your new sports shoes should be able to perform and handle the miles you wish to run. Picking up a wrong pair can also affect your physical health to a great extent. With that in mind, here are a few points to consider before you buy your new sports shoes online.

  • Fitness check: New runners, who are still figuring out their form and want to reduce the risk of injuries, require shoes that offer more protection. People running 10-20 miles per week are considered low-mileage runners, those who run 20-40 miles fall in the medium-mileage category, and individuals who weekly run more than 40 miles per week are considered high-mileage runners. When buying a new pair of running shoes, it’s important to understand that the amount of cushioning, performance, durability and stability, fluctuates depending on the specific fitness category you belong to.
  • Injury: Based on current or previous injury, you should initially select a shoe that is a more structured and cushiony, and gradually drift into a more flexible and lighter pair of shoes.
  • Gait analysis: To know which sports shoes would serve the best treat for your feet, you need to know the alignment of your lower body. The right feet alignment will set you off in the right direction, avoiding any injuries on the go. Usually there are three types of gaits and each requires a different type of sport shoe. Neutral gait is when your hip knees and ankles are well-aligned. Overpronated gait is when your foot rolls inwards and a good pair of stabilizing sports shoes will do a good job for you. Underpronated gait is when your foot rolls out and you would benefit only from more cushioning.
  • Space: Running makes your feet swell and your shoes should be able to accommodate that enlargement. Always choose sports shoes of a size that will not impede your feet.
  • Adjustment phase: Just like you’d take time to adjust to a new environment, your feet too will take some time to adjust to their new support system. Instead of throwing away the old pair as soon as you bring home your brand new sports footwear, consider phasing out gradually. You can consider using your old and new pair in rotation, until you feet get completely comfortable with the new sneakers.

When it comes to online shopping for men, the internet is brimming with multiple sports e-tailers. When you have an option to buy the best sports shoes for men online, why would you want to visit a physical store? And with the quick delivery and easy return policy in place, the online sports market for footwear is set to thrive in the coming years.

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