The fun and elegance in the majestic appliques of embellishments: patches!!!

Iron on patches

Embellishments have been hogging the trend lime lights of our lives for a long long time. So as it comes to being in control of the ornamentation that makes our mind, our creativity and our styles satisfied; beautifications go far into the imaginative skyline. Either by hand, by the means of superficial decoration or doing it in a mechanical way, they give their own aura of an adorned exterior. But this takes time as the more intricate and further complex the prettification flair is, the more time consuming it becomes. So just to avoid that and make it easier, why do we have to be satisfied with a rushed up design or settle for a less filling select? This is the apt situation where the brilliance of the Appliques/Patches/Applique Patches springs up to our custom lines. In a pre-designed, pre-ornamented form these Beautiful Patches (or Appliques as its known worldwide) is every one’s one-fix-stop for their fashion enhancement vision to be personified into a chic reality without the hassle of taking way too much time. In a traditional as well as a contemporary and modern presentation, these ones have as much as verity in their make and form that, one of each piece will fill our wardrobe for the rest of our lives.

In having their verity and beauty is a boon in disguise for as they come in uncountable forms, but the Zardosi style Patches (Zardosi coils, Zari features, Kundan stones, beads, sequins, stones etc. elaborated), the Embroidered Patches (thread work, beads, droplets, sequins etc. adorned) and the Embellished Patches (spangles, rhinestones, beads, fabrics, feathers, hangings et c.) are the most flowing items in the Indian market and related spaces. They carry the traditions of the bygone era, the subtleties of a rich culture and the richness of the modern generation. Floral, geometrical and artistic outlines adorn their kind most of the times so are they influenced by the architectural and animal kingdom too. There is no limit to the choices that inspire each new Patch/Applique made, and their popularity just not stays within a specific customer group but has a global base of enthusiastic patrons too.

Be the Ornamented Patches adorning the surface of your party wear floor length fusion kurtha or the Architecture Patches gracefully rimming the frame of a stylish fusion saree and filling its pallu; the Custom Embroidered Patches adorning the most graceful bridal Anarkali or the Mirror Patches and the Artistic Patches forming an eclectic graceful mix to adorn the classiest nuptial Lehanga set; the Embroidered Flower Patches serenely lining the waist and neck of a splendid distinctive formal fitted midi-dress or the Trendy Patches applied on the wait and bottom hem of a box pleat Indo-Western knee length skater style skirt; the Bird Patches on the chest of a fluffy tutu id’s dress or the Geometrical Patches on the shift dress of a carefree teenager; making the Iron-on Patches a design statement on your upgraded home furnishings or the Hand-work Patches specially done to make your custom hand-clutch in a one-off style… some things are just that fairy dust of sparkle that you need to lift your life and clothing adoptions. We here at LaceCraft (now a MultiSeller site) are with you in this and after a deep research and study into the products for their customer choice and market acceptability, have bout you the exclusive Patches line at our platform.

The Appliques is that godsend, which transforms your gloomy day into the brightest one, your shabby looking out-fit into a designer rich sight, your Plain-Jane attire into the most admired one… And it justifies only to say ‘The Fun and Elegance in the Majestic Appliques of Embellishments: Patches!!!’ when heads turn your way and you soak up all the style points.

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