Essentials needed to sell branded clothes to a second-hand clothing store

Once the guidelines are met and catered to, it is very easy to sell branded clothes to these second-hand stores and make a quick buck.

In the west, selling and buying pre-owned clothes have been a trend for quite some time now. Those who are unable to afford branded clothes now have the chance of owning them thanks to the rise of second-hand clothing stores. In India, this practice has recently gained prominence with the growth and development of e-commerce. This has led to the increase of online thrift portals.

How secondhand clothing stores work?

The concept of an online second-hand clothing store is a place where people buy and sell branded clothes. Sellers are paid in cash or even digital currency. These stores can help develop a self-sustaining ecosystem of buyers and sellers, which reduces and decreases risks generally related to cash for clothes.

The online second-hand clothing portals usually have strict quality standards that make sure only merchandize from some of the best names gets registered. Moreover, the quality checks that are followed make sure that the used clothing is appropriate and fit to wear.

These consignment stores have a list of brands that are listed. A Banana Republic India dress or an Old Navy trouser would be accepted as these are high-end labels. If they are in good condition and meet the other criteria set by the store, then chances of them being approved are high.

So what is the procedure involved in selling branded clothes to a second-hand online store?

Approval Process

Different companies have different rules and procedures. Usually, the seller transfers the clothing to the portal for approval which is then scanned for quality and authenticity. Once approved, the seller is informed of the same by posting under Approved Products in their account online. Once there is consensus on the rates, they would be listed on the website. But, if the clothing is not approved, then they would be posted beneath the Unapproved Products in the seller’s account and consent shall be sought to either donate to the official NGO or sent back to the seller at their (sellers’) expenses.

Listing Period

If a person is selling a Banana Republic India garment, then the clothing would be listed on the company’s website for six months. Any extension of the agreed period would be mutually decided between the seller and the company. After the clothing has been approved and sent for listing, the same cannot be returned before the 6 month period is completed.

What kind of clothing is disapproved?

Companies usually screen the clothing prior to listing them on the website. There is a strict examination of the garment as per its authenticity, quality and condition. If an individual is planning on selling a Banana Republic India garment, make sure it adheres to and meets all the guidelines mentioned below:

So what kind of clothing is not approved?

If it is a fake or a replica.

The brand profile does not match as per the approved brand list

Authenticity cannot be verified

Innerwear or nightwear

Stained, ripped, visible wear and tear

Not adhering to age guidelines (garments over 2 years are not approved)


Not shapely

Foul smelling, unclean and not hygienic

If the Banana Republic India garment meets the criteria, then it will be approved and subsequently listed in the website for sale. Once these guidelines are met and catered to, it is very easy to sell branded clothes to these second-hand stores and make a quick buck.

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