Shristi’s Life Takes A Turn Around With Myntra Online Shopping- Myntra Unforgettables

Featuring their most consistent and loyal shoppers, Myntra has recently launched a digital campaign paying homage the love and commitment of these customers. The second lap of “Myntra Unforgettables” video features Shristi from Patna who reveals how online shopping site Myntra has changed her life.

More than 50% of customers of Myntra live in the Tier II and III cities and towns and among them is Shristi who was identified by the company using data driven insights. In the 2 minute promotional video you will see Shristi narrating her story. We get to see how she transformed from once being a shy and conservative person who perceived fashion as just another way to look good for the world. However, after an obstacle in her personal and professional life she changed her outlook towards her life and focused more on feeling good from within. She realized that in the end all that matters is how you perceive the world. Although her story is about the brand it is an inspiring one and more than just about shopping, style and brands.

The video that is called “Myntra Unforgettables with Shristi” is all about the girl from Patna narrating her experience with Myntra.

At the beginning of the video you will see the hustle and bustle of the city and the reflection of Shristi on a mirror applying kajal on to her eyes while reminiscing the earlier days when such embellishments were of no importance to her. Initially she considered fashion to be more of a demonstration for other people and not an essential thing to follow each day. Then her aunt enters the picture who points to a picture telling us how on Shristi’s farewell day at school she chose to dress up in her regular uniform while her friends were busy dressing up exquisitely for the event. Most part of her life while growing up she was never bothered about fashion. She wouldn’t even mind wearing Hawaii chappals with her saree and attend weddings. However, after she hit a setback in her personal life that bogged her down, she decided to change her outlook towards life. She realized the value of self-love and began her journey to become a more confident person and embraced fashion through online shopping with Myntra.

While she is narrating her story, we see her getting ready for a morning jog down the streets of Danapur in Patna where it is a challenge to have access to brands. All this changes once Shristi and her family discovers shopping through Myntra. Over the years the whole family has vested their trust on the online shopping website. We hear her mother say that now it isn’t surprising to find a new Myntra package at their door step almost every day.

In the final scene we see everyone in the household getting ready for an event and Shristi dazzling in a Kanjivaram saree. She excitedly says that her life has changed a lot and now she loves to dress up for the little things in life and all thanks to Myntra. She is then shown joining her family and they all head together for Ganga Aarti.

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