Significant Reasons behind Why Business Entities Must Not Be Its Own Registered Agent in Texas

While planning to take your small business in Texas to another level altogether through integrating or forming an LLC is a vital step in the lifecycle of any business entities. If you have recently integrated or formed an LLC then, you will surely recognize that one of the fundamentals of becoming a corporation or LLC is appointing a registered agent in Texas (the state of incorporation).

Individuals that are not acquainted with the phrase, a registered agent basically receives the vital legal and income tax documents and notices on behalf of a corporation or LLC in a given state. Any individuals can serve as a Texas registered agent for a corporation or LLC, if they have a physical address in the state of incorporation. While it sounds quite enticing to take on this responsibility for yourself, there are certain reasons why you require thinking twice.

Unveiling the Key Reasons behind Why Business Entities Must Not Be Its Own Registered Agent in Texas:

  • Physical Address in the State Of Incorporation: A Texas registered agent must have a registered physical address in the state of incorporation, but PO boxes and private rented mailboxes would not be accepted. If you formed an LLC in Texas, but you stay in some other state and your business entity is physically located the state you stay in, in this case you cannot act as a Texan registered agent rather you have to hire a professional third party as your registered agent in Texas.
  • Business Entity Doing Businesses in More Than One State: While you registering your company to run business in the other states apart from where you formed it, you will require a professional registered agent in all of those states only if you have a physical offices in every state.
  • Do Not Maintain Standard Office Hours: The Texan registered agents require being available all through the standard business hours to receive the important documents and notices from that specific state. Business owners must consider a third party service so that you never miss any important legal documents, communication and notices from the state of information.
  • Update the Records: A registered agent’s address must always stay current in the state records. Any changes to the address require a formal state filing, which is often accompanied by a fee. By hiring a professional third party service as your TX registered agent, you would never require worrying on updating the state records and despite of how many times you shift over the years.
  • Registered Agent’s Address Becoming a Public Record: As the registered agent’s address is publicly available anybody can access to it such as spammers, marketers and mailing lists. Business entities that desire keeping their personal address data confidential must opt for a third party registered agent in Texas. This will serve you with an additional layer of privacy and would not have to manage the uncalled-for e-mails.

While a professional Texas registered agent might appear to be like a trifling procedure, they actually act a vital role in receiving the legal communications, documents and notices on-time and keep your corporation or LLC in good position always.

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