Silver Rakhi

The bond between a brother and sister is not something that an outsider always understands. Each relationship has its own recipe; its own proportions of love and hate, affection and annoyance, its own special significance that’s not always articulated, but is always felt.

A Rakhi is Worth a Thousand Words:

Raksha Bandhan is the one day of the year where the phrases ‘Leave me alone’ and ‘Stop bugging me’ are forgotten and  protection and support are emphasised, and while the words are not always available to us, the feeling can be conveyed by one simple gesture: tying a rakhi. That little piece of thread tied around the wrist encompasses all the promises, vows, and assurances of love between a brother and a sister; quite a task for a simple piece of thread! To convey all these special meanings, we need a special Rakhi.

The perfect Rakhi : 

fourseven’s collection of silver Rakhis present a perfect way to articulate a feeling that words cannot express. The amount of care that goes in hand-crafting every single silver rakhi embodies the promise of care it carries with it. The quality of the materials used and beautiful craftsmanship and design make the rakhis a long-lasting accessory rather than something to discard after the day is over. The gesture gains greater meaning as it maintains a place on your brother’s hand and keeps the reminder of the promise alive.

fourseven’s silver rakhis come in a variety of designs, each of which convey a special message to your brother. All of fourseven’s rakhis are also versatile and are meant to last well beyond a single occasion or day. After all, to celebrate bonds that last a lifetime, the rakhi should too.

The Lotus Mandal Wrap Rakhi sports a structure with lotus petals representing purity and transcendence. The silver element of the Rakhi  - the Lotus Mandal can be worn with a silver chain as a pendant.

The Dwishakti Brooch Rakhi couples the Om and Trishul, combining lord Shiva’s Trishul and Lord Ganesha’s Om to jointly overcome the powers of evil and other obstacles in life. Wear the Brooch on a coat, suit or sherwani after rakhi and let it always be a reminder of the beautiful bond of rakshabandhan.

My Bro Wrap Rakhi represents the fun, light-hearted relationships, while maintaining the significance of the promise being undertaken, and is perfect for the ‘cool’ brother to enjoy.

Choose your meaning: 

This collection of silver rakhis spans a vast range of meanings for you to choose from for your specific relationship with your brother. Each silver rakhi has its own special significance, and each is sure to put a smile on your brother’s face by showing him how much he means to you.

If you’re looking for a quirky and fun rakhi for your brother, you can also pair any of our existing charms with  the Wrap Around Moli Bracelet or the Rudraksha Bracelet and make it a unique and personalised rakhi for your brother. For example, the You Got Game Charm is perfect for your brother who’s crazy about video games; the football charm will surely be loved by any football fan.

A Lasting Promise  

The silver elements can be fastened to other bold chains as well. This means that the rakhis, which were earlier temporary tokens of love, can now be everlasting mementoes of your special bond. Even after the rakhi season is over, the symbol of your bond can be kept close as a reminder of all the things that often go unsaid. What’s more, a beautiful aesthetic ornament can make your brother want to wear it longer, as a fashion accessory.

fourseven’s silver rakhi collection gives you the perfect way to express the special relationship you share with your brother this Raksha Bandhan.

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