Special Entities Of The Nation

Special Entities Of The Nation

“Limits only exist in our mind and our will power sets our limitations”. Youth is pride for its nation .Economical status is prior thing for every nation if it’s concerned with marketing or if with any tourism or with an acquison. But assets can’t handle the economic status of our nation. Main thing is the realization of the problem to our youth through which it conveys the idea to that issue which is obscured. Governmental enacts can do a quiet work but not plenty of. Paradoxes never succumb towards expeditors not even for conquerors.  It only leads devastation of society, city, state and country as well. Such types of exhausted things, are seldom took place in our nation, are considered to be pointless by me. But, If I’m talking about the nationality, why we are not forgetting the difference of boundaries. Most of people shows their identification strictly from their region. But about on my self, I’m a Human being and want to work for humanity not for my nation or world, But for earth. This kind of thinking can’t do anything but every thing exists in and arises from ‘0’.

Contribution towards prosperity:

Want of layman occurs in his/her mind only with his Govt. He/ She never think of the results of ongoing crises or devastation, only have anticipation to live their life delightfully. Some people are obscure who devote their life for humanity. It’s a great contribution of them towards humanity.

Great contributors will be contributing and Protestors will end up their acts during the fulfillment of  all rights of  needers. And only god knows in what way such conditions will takes place in the future. Among of all, Farmers category can be considered for the number one contributors from the begining of the human civilization. Every mother cooked the for her family for nourishment and that food firstly procure by some entrepreneurs to enhance the life style of themselves by adding some amount of money to become in the profitable set. Other side farmers performing their daily routine life to seek their assets after a lot of butts. Their diligence and compulsion for work is very high. It’s an obligation of them to all of us.

Second most contributors status seems in the  high position to help farmers and to devote their work for humanity. I.e “Research Scientists”. Every instance of our life can show the huge contributions of scientists for farmers to make them economically sustained. In the present era, many GMCs (Genetically modified crops) as likely to be in the Indian Nation has been produced with the help of biotechnology techniques. Such perseverance  of researchers can remove the all bariers and grief from the farmers life for their delightful future. Recently in India; Black, Blue Wheat crop has been produced by NABI(National Agri-food technology Biotechnology Institute) and it’s available in very cheap price as well as suitably very healthy for human consumption.

Apart from research sector, The people who set goals for poor and suffered people to sustain their life as a paradise. These are called as the personalities of Organizations who had been devoted their life to follow the acts of kindness. These people are related to NGO’s (Non Governmental Organization) or NPO’s (Non Profit Organization) and most of them have very week background and formidable past.  Some famous personalities also initiating such expeditions.


Some off  their minds to get themselves apart from a  kind world. Crassness of such people obstacle the obligated things, perhaps no one want to reminisce their duties untill kalayuga gone for an end. But woeful things can’t halt the good expeditions which are going on to the perpetuity level of their life.

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