Specification on New listing of Meizu M6 Note  

With 12 million pixel the main camera uses the Sony IMX362 / Samsung 2L7 sensor, the unit pixel area up to 1.4μm, with F / 1.9 large aperture 6P lens + multi-frame noise reduction algorithm, the low light image quality is expected. More importantly, the sensor also supports Dual PD full pixel dual-core focus function (theoretically the fastest 0.03s). With 12 million pixel sensor have 24 million photodiodes supporting phase-focus. Compared to the traditional phase focus, M6 Note focus speed was increased up to 4 times. In dark light environment it is more obvious, that can be raised to 7.5 times.

As the first product of the Meizu Blue brand after independence, M6 Note carries the confidence from Meizu and fans' expectations. And in fact, this phone can be called as live up to expectations. After reconciliation with Qualcomm, Meizu finally ushered in a long time the Qualcomm processor. No doubt, Xiao Long 625 processor in today seems to be one of the best choices for smartphones at price around 1000 RMB. Compared to the carnival on the chip, perhaps there will not be too many people note the charm of the M6 Note dual camera. But you should know, this is the first dual camera product of Meizu Blue series.

M6 Note rear camera with 12 million (6P, F / 1.9) +500 million (5P, F / 1.9) dual multicolor lens combination, in which the main camera is responsible for imaging, deputy camera is responsible for recording the distance between the objects in the screen, also known as depth of field. From this year, the heat of dual camera has begun to gradually fade. To some extent, to regard dual camera as a selling point has been unable to attract a lot of attention. But fortunately, today we commented on the Meizu M6 Note, its focus is not the double lenses, but on large pixels and full pixel dual-core focus.

As the saying goes that low light shooting is the watershed to test the quality of the mobile phone imaging, during the day when the conditions of light is good it’s more difficult to determine which is better, so here we only use the night to take the proofs to see how about the imaging level of M6 Note.

We used M6 Note, Nuts Pro and Xiaomi 5X in low light environment to do low light focus speed test. In the low light environment, the phone is fixed in a specific location, back and forth to switch the focus to shoot two fixed objects, by the total time of taking 10 photos to compare the speed of the focus speed. The results of multiple tests show that M6 Note on back and forth to switch the focus for shooting 10 photos spends the average time-consuming for 37.7 seconds. In the same environment, Nuts Pro takes 47.5 seconds, Xiaomi 5X takes 54.6 seconds. Through the comparative test, you can determine the M6 Note in the focus speed does have a great advantage, which can bring a better capture experience.

On the performance of color, most time it is a tuning style by manufacturer. For example, many manufacturers prefer to bright style that pleases eyes, which strokes in the majority of consumers in the world. The so-called "eye-catching” is not to blindly improve the screen saturation, so that the color appears bright on the line. Simply the true meaning is to make the red not too much, and yellow will not too deep. And on this basis improve the saturation and purity, making the picture more of tension. In this point, the performance of M6 Note is remarkable.

In night to take photo what the most troublesome is noise, which is caused by a lot of elements. In the vast majority of cases, the human eye can see the noise when it is produced because the sensor (CCD / CMOS) area is too small. Mobile phone by volume restrictions not able to use large-size sensors, therefore, its noise control capability depends on the manufacturer's noise reduction algorithm. In the night of extremely poor light, Meizu M6 is the best to play out of the advantages of Sony IMX362 (or Samsung 2L7). With full pixel dual-core focus, the focus speed is very fast. In the 1.4μm large pixel and multi-frame noise reduction algorithm with the blessing, for M6 Note in night the proofing ability of noise reduction is highlighted. If not zoom and carefully look, almost no see any noise.

Backlight shooting, more precisely at night / low light environment, shooting toward strong light source, is the most able to test the performance of camera lens and coating optical. For a main camera phone, with excellent anti-glare ability is essential. Against a strong light shot, if there are no good lens components, in general, it will form a very large glare effect. Unless it is for shooting needs, otherwise this situation will seriously affect the picture perception and experience. Overall, M6 Note anti-glare ability is relatively satisfactory,

Compared to the previous M models, Meizu this time really put in a lot of investment. Especially on the camera, Meizu directly turn to the large pixel sensor and dual PD full pixel dual-core focus. Among smartphones at price around 1000 RMB, this is the first time.

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