Mercury and Rahu in the 4th House

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Combination of Mercury and Rahu in the 4th house

Combination of Mercury and Rahu in the 4th house is likely to give, in a lesser degree, the same results as by Mercury and Saturn combine in the 4th house; though the results would neither be wild, nor so severe as in Rahu’s case. Mother of such an individual often maintains a deep sense of self-respect, whether she is educated or not. At the same time, progeny also takes care that the mother’s ego is respected by all concerned.

How Mercury and Rahu effects the Mother’s habit ?

This combination gives a bit bulky or fattiness body to the mother, but only to the natural mother, not to the adopting mother. Another point is that mother of the individual develops a strong sense of understanding and appreciating the nature and psychology of the persons she comes in contact.

In other words, she is a good (and rather accurate) judge of human nature. Because of her own sense of ego, she would not try to deprive any person of his or her rightful assets, or possessions.

However, mother of this individual may be in the habit of carrying and spreading tales, real or imaginary. This combination can lead to minor accidents involving the means of transport being used by the individual, but normally the individual doesn’t suffer any serious injury as such. Chances of theft of means of transport are not ruled out, but in due course it gets detected.

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