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First we want to grasp what pranic healing is. Then we are going to discuss however it’s done. we will solely provide the fundamentals. this is often solely an...

First we want to grasp what pranic healing is. Then we are going to discuss however it’s done. we will solely provide the fundamentals. this is often solely an introduction supported my learning of it and my years of doing the follow of pranic healing myself.

Pranic healing is healing that uses the prana in our body. Prana could be a sanskrit word. It suggests that life-force or the energy that flows in and through our body creating us alive and active. it’s a tragedy that this energy that makes us alive isn’t recognized because the energy conjointly that produces us healthy. because we don’t use this life-energy that is also our health-energy we tend to area unit weak by varied ailments, several of that area unit minor, just like the common colds or flu, however are irritating and create us less productive.

In several healing sessions that we tend to see on TV or in religious gatherings for healing we tend to see the contact of hands on the heads of individuals. this is often some and version of pranic healing but those doing it principally don’t recognize why they’re very doing it or why it’s done to them. they will lay their hands as a result of that’s what they browse within the Bible. they are doing not recognize the rationale why such laying of hands could be a means of cure.

We provide credit to whom credit is due. The one WHO popularized pranic healing is Master Choa Kok Sui. He wrote a book on pranic healing which might be simply understood by the open minded. I bought this book in 1989. when many tries, i used to be ready to apply the directions within the book effectively. Master Choa now boasts that anybody will follow pranic healing with the system that he has explained so clearly in his book.

We go currently to the however of pranic healing. terribly shortly we are going to try this.

A few guiding principles got to be explicit  1st. a number of these ought to be taken by religion as a result of we tend to cannot see the weather of those principles by our eyes. however they’re there. and that we recognize {they area unit|they’re} true as a result of the techniques that are supported these principles result cures.

The most basic principle of pranic healing is that the body could be a self-repairing living organism that possesses the natural capacity to heal itself.

The second principle is that the healing method is created quicker by golf stroke or projected the prana or life force|force} or vital energy on the affected a part of the chassis.

A third principle is that our body is wrapped by a triple layer of energy. With the help of Kirlian photography (named when Semyon Kirlian) Master Choa was ready to illustrate that the build is like Associate in Nursing egg wherever there’s the yoke or inmost circle of energy, the ingredient or albumen, the center circle of energy, and therefore the shell or the outer circle of energy.

The fourth principle that is stunning is that this. once a illness is getting ready to invade the body, these 3 circles endure Associate in Nursing imbalance or disfigurement. This happens before the person truly feels sick. In different words once the person is healthy these 3 circles of energy area unit well fashioned, just like the 3 components in an exceedingly fowl’s egg: the yoke, the white or albumen and therefore the shell. once sickness is getting ready to come back these 3 become malformed or ill-shapen.

The fifth principle is that this. once an individual is sick the task of the therapist is to revive the uniform or well-stacked formation of those 3 circles of energy. The therapist will this by obtaining energy from his surroundings, particularly alternative energy if it’s day.

The basic technique is with one hand the therapist absorbs energy from around him, like raising his open palm to the direction of the sun, and with the opposite hand he puts this within the direction of his patient, provision this patient with energy to revive the balance of energy in his body. He doesn’t bit his patient. He solely puts his hand within the direction of the affected a part of his patient. In my case I raise my left open palm within the direction of the supply of the energy, just like the sun or an enormous tree, and that i extend my right open palm on the affected a part of the body.

But there’s a caution before doing this method. The energy round the patient is usually impure due to the illness. This pollution must be clean. Master Choa incorporates a technique for cleansing this pollution. essentially it’s grasping this pollution by one’s cupped fingers and golf stroke it into a fireball that burns this pollution. you are doing not see the fireball along with your eyes however you create this fireball with the technique given by Master Choa. He conjointly explains the various uses of colours in healing. of these area unit colours of energy and that they area unit invisible to the eyes. There area unit totally different colours for various diseases and that they ought to be learned.

A basic demand for the follow of pranic healing is that the therapist or professional person incorporates a small indefinite amount of the flexibility to concentrate. those that area unit wont to the follow of daily meditation have a bonus. however anyone WHO is patient enough to find out a way to concentrate will perform pranic healing.

After a minute of active pranic healing you’ll feel the prana or life-energy moving in your hands. And you’ll project it to the sick components of the body.

Pranic healing isn’t for all types of diseases. It can not be wont to without delay stop injury or arrest the malignant growth of cancer. It’s best for minor diseases just like the respiratory disease, cough, flu, or microorganism infections. These are so minor however they’ll cause such a lot inconvenience to our family and work if we tend to don’t watch out of them. whereas pranic healing cannot be wont to stop the hemorrhage of wounds it are often wont to create the wound heal quicker.

The advantages of pranic healing over different ways that of healing, like administering medicine, area unit that you simply don’t bit the patient thus there’s no danger of molesting or worrying him/her, he/she will still sleep; no medication is taken thus there’s no danger of complication.

Jose Bulao could be a believer and professional person of different health care. In 1989 he found a book on pranic healing. He browse it and applied it. The primary try wasn’t successful. Rather than natural process his patient he was the one WHO got sick. He reviewed the book once more and since then he has with success practiced pranic healing among his family and close friends.

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