Constructive Approaches to Assist and Protect Yourself from the Evil Orb of the Suicidal Thoughts

Scroll down to explore the constructive approaches to assist and protect you from the evil orb of the suicidal thoughts.

Very few individuals would disagree with the fact that committing suicide breaks the Sixth Commandment which is, “You shall not murder.”  Individuals endeavoring to shape their lives of those having strong suicidal tendencies always stay geared up to lend their hands to support individuals encircling in the diminishing orbs of suicidal thoughts help.

Individuals who are energetically endeavoring to push such people from the frightful ocean of peccadillo, understands to its depth that the committing suicide is evidently condemned in the holy book, Bible and for becoming the truthful & dutiful child of Lord Jesus Christ, they sit on their knees and keep just no stone unturned for putting their efforts right on the edge.

Their efforts to save several souls that are facing storm of disheartening suicidal thoughts help builds a foundation to stand tall in their toughest days. These were the altruistic endeavors of God’s disciples but what lies on the constituent of the one having suicide tendencies! What are his responsibilities to himself? Lets’ excavate profoundly but before that have an apparent knowledge of What God has his thoughts on Suicide!

What the Holy Book Bible Has To Articulate on the Suicide?

Do not be a fool–why die before your time? Ecclesiastes 7:17b

  1. God is the giver of life. He gives, and He takes away (Job 1:21). Committing suicide is profane as it refuses God’s reward and blessings of life. No men or women must believe to take the almighty God’s power upon them to end their respective lives.
  2. Suicide is a heinous sin which is critically impairs the heart of Lord and individuals who prized the deceased. Everybody would agree with the pain of losing their loved ones that committed suicide does not simply gets healed and sometimes it is not completely healed till the Heaven.
  3. Suicide is counters right away to the commands of life which the almighty God has inculcated so strongly into His foundation.

With everything being said, we ought to recognize that there are believers who are all geared up and identifies with these facts and were familiarized with the God’s perception to suicide and regardless of the fact that they have misplaced their “footings” and have descended and taken their precious lives.  What must have been their outlook when they were in the orb of despair? There are two steps which will assist individuals having suicidal tendencies in them.

  • Pray To The Almighty God: Wishing that you believe in God and his words and that God replies back to the genial prayers parishioners do. If it is so then, pray to the almighty “I receive your breath of Life into my mortal body now. I have lifted my hands, both hands to You, I have pinned my all hopes to You. I turn my life completely to you. And from this day I pray that you will give me the grace and wisdom to guard my heart diligently. I will obey you, your teachings and resist every scheme on Satanism running in my blood stream. I commit that I am all to you. And my heart calls out loud “I NEED YOU” Save me from the demonic temptations. Guide me to the right path.
  • Caveat to Satan- Demons: “Demon, I close every door that sometimes I have opened to you”

I relinquish all the ailing and activities I have participated in with you.

In the name of Jesus Christ, I put forward myself to the almighty God.

In the holy name of Lord Jesus Christ, it is the best approach to surrender the suicidal thoughts and assist you from the quandary of hopelessness.

Author’s Bio:

Dr. Jerry Johnston is renowned pastor and inspiring life coach who offer suicidal thoughts help to individuals in educational, corporate, governmental, association, not-for-profit & religious organizations all over the United States, Canada, and Europe struggling with chronic suicidal ideation.

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