The True Teachings of Christ – You Are God

Summary- Scroll below to know how the teachings of Christ helps in the enthusing the true essence of faith in God’s power to transform the souls listening to him.

We all go through life, looking for more meaning, more connection and more satisfaction. Sometimes people seek to attain this salvation through religion and end up taking scriptures in their literal sense. Different churches, different ministers, different preachers – each have a different take on the teachings of Christ. The true meaning of his sermons however are hidden inside our souls. We can sum up the teaching of Christ in three simple words: You are God. Let us study Christian teachings and religious philosophy more closely to understand this revolutionary idea.

Lord Jesus Christ Said Three Things Which Need To Be Remembered:

  • God Is Love:

“He who abides in love abides in God, and God in him.” (John 4:16)

All human emotions are energy. We have labelled the different vibrations of this energy by different names like anger, depression, elation and the like. For instance, when you say you are depressed you are feeling low in energy. A revolutionary way to interpret these teachings of Christ – love is the emotion when you are feeling the highest energy possible. This is the time when you are closest to God. When you become love, you become God.

  • You Are God:

“Is it not written in your Law, “I have said ‘you are gods’”?” (John 10:34).

This is one of the most powerful teachings of Christ stating that we are, in reality God; that you are God. Through spirituality one can, not only stay connected to the creative power of the universe, but will himself become the power to bring change. If the whole universe is amorphous energy, and we all are made up of and connected by energy, and if the force that we call God is also energy, then how could we be anything but God!

  • God Is Within You:

“The Kingdom of God is within you.” (Luke 17:21)

This teaching of Christ implies that heaven, where God resides, is within each one of us. In other words, God is within us! God resides within every creature and by honouring life and its creations, we are honouring God himself. Divinity is hidden within us. All we need to do is experience this truth for ourselves and discover that we in fact, have God living within our souls.

One might discern – No major spiritual teacher throughout history followed any religion. Jesus was not a Christian, Buddha wasn’t a Buddhist. They did not practice any religion rather, they mastered themselves in solitude by self-introspection and meditation. This introspection yielded a simple conclusion – they were boundless and linked with the worldwide consciousness. This is the core of all religious teachings – we all are spiritual beings who, by practicing virtues like mercy, kind-heartedness, integrity and introspection can become the Gods and form a peaceful heaven on earth itself. Once we achieve that balance in life where contentment and satisfaction prevail, the gift of happiness is not too far away. And that is the essence of the teachings of Christ.

Author’s Bio:

Jerry Johnston is a distinguished Christian pastor, who enthuse the true essence of the teachings of Christ that has the power to transfigure the souls listening to him.  He has spiritual gifts of faith, leadership, evangelism, teachings and discernment.

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