Why You Need To Study The Horse Racing Statistics A Lot To Win

Horse racing statistics

Horse racing is one of the most invested games in the world, where every day thousands of bucks are invested in any and every major city of the world. It’s not just a country specific game, but rather an elite entertainment which has been recognized in all parts of the world. Now what exactly do you do to make sure that you win from your bet in a horse race? Well, you must follow the horse racing statistics in your city and area to understand the game and the market better.

The role of the stable

The stable has an important role where the horse gets trained. If you find out well, you will see that some stables always cultivate the best horses for the races. The environment, the training, the food, the vaccinations, and the care etc, all has their own role in making a winner in a horse. Hence the stable where the horse belongs to has a very important role in making the horse a vital gaming element. These statistics has to be noted well, that which stable has given the most winner and the best horses come from which stables.

The race course

The race course again definitely has some important role. The stable is the familiar environment for the horse. But the race course may not be. Hence not all horses performs equally well in the racing ground. Some may have a better performance than they give in the stable while training, and some may perform poorer compared to expectations. Hence it all depends finally on the race course where the final challenge begins. Hence a statistics of which horse and jockey combinations has the best winning ratio is highly important.

The jockey

The jockey is always important for the horse to win. It’s the jockey which controls the horse right from the starting to the end of the race, and hence the relation of the jockey with the horse is really vital. If you see that a certain jockey is really great combination with a horse, and have won most of the time then you may consider the duo a good choice for the betting. Much of the horse racing statistics depends on this combination and their performance, and this must be studied well before you bet.

The horse

The horse is much important in the bet. If the horse has an impressive statistics in winning every race, and have mostly won then it would always be the top pick. Besides for horses which are beginners and new, the family pedigree matters a lot. You must study the statistics and information about its origin etc a lot, and then decide whether to bet in it or not.


The whole matter of betting in horse racing actually involves a number of deep considerations and calculations, and this decision again depends on the internal factors as discussed above and many other things. Hence statistics have its vital role in helping you decide how you want to proceed with your horse race betting.

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