Start with the basic itineraries for the Wedding chimes

Planning and executing perfect wedding plans fall under the list of things that are indeed impossible. Right from fixing up the date of the wedding to choosing the costume, banquet hall and designing the menu. Every decision you make has an impact on the big day. The bride and Groom plan for their weddings in such a way, that they wish to make it the talk of the town. They plan for their wedding for weeks together, putting all their creativity into practice. But, several of these innovations fail to get executed as planned.

And the most difficult task on the list of executions is choosing the right caterer, deciding on the type of foodservice and preparing a perfect menu. All this might sound quite simple, but this is what makes your wedding more unique to your guests. The best way to capture the attention of everyone is putting your efforts in the food served at the wedding. Because good food never goes out of style.

Finding the food partner

The first step in the food quest is to find a catering company that can aid you in the planning. The season of weddings usually puts caterers on demand. You should begin early to choose the best caterer from the list. There are several Top catering services in Meerut, but there are a handful of caterers who go flexible with your ideas. The flexibility is important because it is your day. And what makes it more special, if not the joy of seeing your dream wedding come true. You can find Top catering services by surfing or running through yellow pages. You can also listen to feedback from your kith and kin. But the best way is to visit the caterers personally and discuss your ideas.

Fresh, fresh and fresh 

Several caterers in town create exotic dishes. All this is made out of preserved raw materials. This has a significant impact on the taste of the food prepared. It is cool to serve a blueberry pudding at your wedding. But a mixed tropical fruit salad prepared out of the freshly chopped mangoes and papayas would taste better.

People have shifted from serving exotic food at weddings to preparing delicious food out of the local ingredients. Fresh food, though simple, tastes better when compared to the costly and exclusive menu. Keep ‘em all fresh, to feed your guest with the best.

Pick interesting themes

Decide what unique things you are to include in your wedding plan. Put in all your innovation to have a thematic wedding. Set up dessert tables, cupcakes, cookies and everything that falls in line with the theme. This will leave the guests at your wedding spellbound. You can even make vegetable carvings on the tables to keep your guests busy. Look for top catering services that can help you fulfil all these innovations. Atithi hospitality has a solid background on how to work with thematic weddings. They are well-versed in the art of attracting guests and leaving them stunned with their superior food quality and theme preparation as well.

DIY stalls

It doesn’t just end with your creativity. Kindle the fire of creativity in your guests as well. Set up DIY stalls that give a twist at your wedding food counters. For instance, you can set-up an ice-cream DIY spot, wherein guests can choose their flavour and toppings. Give your guests a chance to explore the food fiesta at your wedding with this unique idea.

This is a different style that is least explored in Indian weddings. Why not give it a try with a twist at your weddings?

Go conventional

With people shifting towards western menus at their wedding, guests usually prefer to have traditional cuisine at weddings. The Indian food style is quite different containing components for all your taste buds. Several dishes that are indigenous to Indian cuisine, particularly to every state is getting lost. Revive them and add them to your wedding menu. You can also serve fusion dishes on plates. The yellow chilli restaurants are extensively known for their preparation of traditional and fusion dishes. Atithi hospitality one among the top catering services in Meerut works along with the Yellow chilli to serve mouthwatering food to your guests. This will make your unique stand out of the crowd in the season of the wedding.

Indoor Vs Outdoor

The ambience of the location where you serve food also matters. People mostly prefer indoor catering. This is to stay safe from the natural climatic conditions. The best caterer is the one who can serve the best food in any location. Outdoor catering requires special attention to keep the food warm and prepared. Managing the crowd and disposals also difficult in case of outdoor catering, despite these difficulties, Top catering services will offer equal services both indoor and outdoor. A caterer who has prior knowledge or experience fo the location where the food is to be served can manage any obstacle in the event. This eventually comes as a result of experience. Experienced caterers can serve the best food anytime and anywhere.

Keep it simple

One major disadvantage of Indian weddings is the wastage of food. Food wastage occurs in substantial rates only at Indian weddings. This can also leave an additional cost for your wedding. Plan well in advance and finalise the list of invitees. Discuss with your caterer to manage the crowd and avoid food wastage. It is okay to prepare the food materials a little in excess to avoid any chaos on the big day.

Early bird offers

Most caterers have exciting offers for customers who come first. This is one great way where you can cut down your catering expenses. Be the early bird and win exciting offers on the preparation of your great day. It isn’t just the offer when you begin early, you can have a hustle-free event.

Sit back and enjoy your wedding by choosing the right caterer who can serve well at your wedding.

It would be right to quote, A good caterer can also help you reach the status of “Happily married”

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