Staying Alone In A Flat In Delhi? Here Are Some Safety Tips To Follow

As an outstation student in Delhi, you may either put up in a PG, hostel or a rental flat for accommodation. Although PGs offer an advantage in terms of meals, some still prefer renting a flat. The choice mainly arises when you are more concerned about privacy and decide to stay alone.

However, staying alone in a flat in Delhi means you need to be a little more alert about your safety. The owner may not always stay close to keep a watch on the safety aspects. So here are a few safety tips you must remember especially if you are a girl.

Know The City

Firstly know the places where your friends live in the city. If there is any problem in your area, such as a long-duration power cut, you can simple call up your friend and have a sleepover. Moreover, knowing the streets and nearby markets will also help you get in tune with the city.

Choose A Good Locality

Ideally, you should choose a residential society instead of an independent house. Housing societies have their own guards and other advanced security measures. On the other hand, guards in independent houses will only have their eyes on the house’s safety, not on the locality.

Make Friends

Try to have as many friends as possible in Delhi. But make sure they are all reliable; having at least two or three 4’0 clock friends in the city is indeed a great relief. Having friends means you won’t have to spend your weekends alone at home - they can accompany you at shopping or any getaway.

Talk To Your Neighbors

Finding a good neighbor is a matter of luck but at times you too can take the initiative. Day-to-day interactions with them can help you build a good bond which is necessary. If you are an early morning person, you have a whole lot of time to make friends during your morning walk session.

Use Your Eye-hole

Make sure your front door has a peep-hole. In fact, you should check it even before moving in. Proper doors and windows along with security features is a must. If it has an existing eye-hole that is not quite clear, you can ask the owner to get it replaced.

Keep Your Mobile Charged

This is indeed a no brainer. If you are staying alone you must have your phone fully charged. Try not to charge your phone only when the battery is critically low. Once you step inside your home, make sure to charge your phone so that you don’t into any crisis situation at night.

Use Curtains After Dark

Though it may sound a bit absurd to some people, it still makes sense. No matter which floor you stay on, it is advisable to drop all curtains after sunset so that nobody can peep through the glass. Above all, it gives a great sense of security and privacy.


Delhi is a challenging city. It will test your patience, alertness, bravery and everything at every step. Lots of students choose to stay alone in the city to pursue their higher studies. With time, they get used to the city’s lifestyle. You too can easily get in tune with the city in a couple of months. All you need is to ensure you safety first. Make sure the place you are staying at, the route you take for your college are safe and peaceful. Besides, you should remember the simply things mentioned above.

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