Steadfast Nutrition Power Massive

When one is not able to consume enough calories daily, the gainer helps the person to fill up his body with the required amount of calories, and build muscles too. Power massive is a great option which one can consume to meet their daily calorie needs and also gain excess calories if they need to gain muscles.

Steadfast Nutrition’s power massive is a mass gainer which comes with an amazing blend of simple and complex carbohydrates along with slow and fast releasing proteins. Power Massive's high calorie content not only helps you in meeting daily calories requirements but also helps build muscle mass. The combination of simple and complex carbohydrates delivers instant energy and also supplies continuous energy to replenish lost glycogen stores. Slow and fast releasing proteins work together in our body providing quick as well as sustained recovery of muscles and enhanced muscle synthesis. During workout, body loses many electrolytes in the form of sweat and tissues wearing out. Power Massive also contains essential 26 vitamins and minerals to restock lost nutrient stores and prevent deficiencies. Power Massive gives additional benefits of Taurine and Choline.

What Does Power Massive Constitutes?

Power Massive is a complete Mass Gainer which offers 468.7 Kcal of Energy in each serving of 125 gm thereby giving a complete stack of nutrition and extra calories that helps in muscle gain and also increases the body mass to a greater extent. 

 The Power Massive provides 95 gm of Simple and Complex Carbohydrates 

1. Maltodextrin 

2. Dextrose Monohydrate 

3. Fructose 

Power Massive offers 19.3 gm of Slow and Fast Release Proteins 

1. Whey Protein Concentrate 

2. Calcium Caseinate 

The power massive is basically used by endurance athletes, required for their intense athletic performance. One of the key users of power massive are Hard Gainers who can be categorised under a specific body type- Endomorphs, Mesomorphs and EctomorphsEctomorphs usually have a lean body type, high metabolic rate and finds it really hard to gain weight and muscle. Power Massive is a boon for people who finds gaining weight and muscle challenging for them. Excess calorie intake is recommended to them so as to challenge the BMR. Along with a proper well-balanced diet, Power Massive can be consumed to fill the gap between the diet and desired fitness goal. 


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