Strength And Versatility Of Nichrome Wires For All Ideal Applications

Nichrome wire is commonly used for heating purposes because it has a high resistivity and resistance to oxidation at high temperatures.The resistance wires when used as a heating element ,usually wound into coils.The difficulty in using nichrome wire is that common tin-based electrical solder will not bond with it.Nichrome forms a popular heating metal and is featured of high melting point,excellent corrosion resistance of 1400 degree C. The high strength and good versatility make  it ideal for all applications. Nichrome filter mesh offers supreme filtration capabilities for an extensive range of applications  such as pressure,fuel and liquid filters for aerospace,petrochemical,medicine,mining etc.The nichrome filter mesh is ideal for filtration and separation of liquids and solids.The Nichrome Wire  performs the best role being the heating wire.The heating  element is the chief part of every heating device and works by electricity.Heating element allows the electricity to pass through it and offers a certain resistance that produces heat.Various other heating elements consists of metallic elements,amalgam and various others though all work on the same principle.Nichrome wire offers high resistance to the current passing through it thus results in production of large amount of heat.

Wiretron turns wire problems into wire solutions.Get a wide variety of wires here at affordable prices.Grab  the flexible,durable and high quality wires at Wiretron.The nichrome heating wire is required to get heated at most temperatures  in certain processes like  iron manufacturing that significantly use different heating materials.

A wire that is significantly made to reduce the skin effect,but with its unique design provides a range of other advantages as well is Litz wire.

Litz wire provides a wide range of uses such as :

  • Reduces Skin Effect – The skin effect is a phenomenon occurring in conductors of alternating current. Skin Effect is the tendency of radio frequency current to be concentrated at the surface of the conductor. Litz constructions counteract this effect by increasing the amount of surface area without significantly increasing the size of the conductor.
  • Litz wire reduces or negates both skin and proximity effects by allowing the use of high-current conductors with low-resistance to be used at high frequencies.This makes litz wire an ideal for high-frequency magnetic components.
  • The increased resistance and consequent losses caused by proximity effect and skin effect decreases the efficiency of wires.However the use of litz wires of custom magnetic , like inductors and transformers , allows those components to operate at much higher levels of efficiency compared to that using standard copper wire.

Magnet Wire  is generally used for winding in electrical equipments.These wires are used for interchanging electrical energy with magnetic energy.Magnetic wires are broadly divided into enameled wire,covered conductor wire,and combinations thereof.The important features of magnetic wires are :

  • Uniformity and degree of insulation
  • Resistant coating to mechanical stress
  • Resistant to moisture and water
  • Dielectric strength and insulation resistance
  • Resistant to solvents
  • Resistant to water and moisture Any product will have particular strong properties in one or more of these features.

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