Success lies in squint treatment without surgery

It has been rightly said that the beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Because eyes don’t work alone it is a team effort that leads to the projection and appearance of the object one looks at. While talking practically and in medical terms the alignment of eyes plays a vital role in making the way the object appears to be. And when this alignment is disturbed and effected, squint in eyes is believed to be present. The alignment and positioning of eyes could appear to be in two different directions.  Hence it is also known as crossed eyes.

There are varied factors which defines squint in a more descriptive manner. Such factors are mentioned below:

  • It is believed that the movement of eyes are restricted to only side to side directions however that is untrue, rather eyes can be moved in upwards & downwards too.
  • Another factor is repetitiveness of movement of eyes happens. The condition of miss alignment can be either for prolonged period of time or occurs for short span.
  • It is not necessary that both the eyes are suffering from squint. It may be present in one eye only too.
  • The appearance of squint may differ from person to person. Squint in come is easily detectable however in others the intensity of squint is least visible until very closely looked.
  • Visible or non-visible squint creates a challenge for brain to get a clearer picture of the object. As the 3D view of object eyes are expected to convey to brain is hindered by squint condition.
  • Lastly, the entire squint treatment depends on the conditions and causes leading to squint.

Squint treatment without surgery, wins hand down

The success ratio of squint treatment without surgery in India and around the world is record breaking higher. It has been proved that 80% of patients suffering from squint has benefited from squint treatment without surgery. The alignment of eyes is performed without surgery. Repeated course of action of turning and aligning the eyes is done, the fruitful are the results and the patient leads a high quality life.

  • Covering up: One of popular treatment that does not requires any surgery is patching. It is basically a process of covering the good eye resulting in preservation of vision of good eye and restricting and controlling the movement and turning of the bad eye. Many interesting patters and designs are available in the market adding fun to the process.
  • Spectacles: Wearing Glasses is another non-surgical treatment. Accommodating spectacles are designed to give a clearer and aligned view of the object.
  • Optometric: This treatment involves brain educating process. In this the brain is trained to gather various inputs and reaching at meaningful output through logical application. This again a non-surgical treatment received tremendous applaud.
  • Exercise for mind and eyes: Many medical institutes and hospitals are educating squint patient about easy yet effective exercises. Exercises like Barrel cards, pencil pushups and brock string are just to name a few.

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