Suffering a Brain Injury in a Car Accident? Here is What You Need to Know

Victims are susceptible to a number of serious injuries including brain injury during a car accident. If your brain is severely injured during a traumatic event, it can lead to permanent cognitive damage that can affect your normal living. Moreover, the victims suffering from a brain injury after a car accident incurs significant bills for medical treatment, rehabilitation, or the cost of long-term care or a caregiver. So, it is highly recommended to work with an experienced car accident attorney in Albuquerque to help recover the compensation you deserve after a car accident. Here is a compilation of what you ought to know about brain injury after a car accident.

Here is a list of different types of car accidents that can cause multiple impacts on your brain.

Head-on Collision – This causes your head to thrust forward and hit the steering wheel or dashboard.

Rear-end Collision – During the rear-end collision, the impact of the collision can cause loose objects in your vehicle to strike your head, which may cause a brain injury.

Side-impact Collision – The side-impact collision makes you lose control of your vehicle and leads to a spinout. This impact may also push your vehicle against another object or push into another lane.

The multiple impacts and loose objects or features in your car can cause a potential threat to the occupants and can cause a serious brain injury.

Different Types of Brain Injuries

So, here is a list of different types of brain injuries caused after a car accident listed by the leading personal injury law firm in Albuquerque.

- A sudden impact to your head causes the organ to strike the inside of your skull which can result in bleeding inside the brain and permanent brain damage called concussion.

- A hard impact to your head can cause bruise that results in the brain swelling, forming blood clots and a receiving an inadequate supply of oxygen. This condition is called as contusion.

- When the impact on your brain is intense during a car accident, it causes your brain to strike both sides of the skull, a condition called coup-contrecoup.

- Some heavy impact on your brain damages axons, the long connecting fibers in the brain and tears them as the brain shifts and rotates inside the skull. This condition is called diffuse axonal injuries and could result in significant brain damage, fall into a coma or death.

How to Get Compensation for Brain Injury After a Car Accident

The personal injury attorney in Albuquerque NM you hire must be capable enough to establish that the other party is liable for your brain injury. In this case, your attorney must prove the following:

- The other driver had a legal duty of care to drive safely without engaging in any dangerous or distracting behavior.

- Your car accident attorney in Albuquerque is entitled to prove that the other party accused of committing the car accident has breached his or her duty by driving without abiding traffic laws.

- It is essential to prove that the brain injury is caused by the at-fault party’s breach of duty.

If you are suffering from a car accident, you have no time to wait! Hire the right car accident attorney now to get the compensation you deserve.

The author of this article is the leading car accident attorney in Albuquerque with over a decade of experience in practicing law. In this article, he explains about the brain injury caused after a car accident and what could be done to get the right compensation. Visit for more information.

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