Knitted Fabrics Global Market Report 2018

  • Use Of 3D Technology In The Knitted Fabrics Market

    The current trend of knitted fabric generated substantial demands on the innovative 3-dimensional (3D) technology. Knitted fabrics are majorly used in industrial functions. Fabric will combine the functions of medium, carrier and interface for an extremely wide range of industrial applications. The 3D textiles are used as reinforcement materials...
  • Knitted Fabrics Global Market Was Valued At $80 Billion In 2017 According To TBRC’s Latest Report

    Knitted fabrics comprise companies engaged in knitting weft (i.e., circular) and warp (i.e., flat) fabric, knitting and finishing weft and warp fabric, manufacturing lace, manufacturing dyeing, and finishing lace and lace goods. Companies in this industry may knit only, knit and finish, or knit, finish, and further fabricate fabric...