3D-Camera Market analysis is $9.54 billion and CAGR growth is 14.89% during the forecast 2018-2023.

According to the new market research report by IndustryARC titled “3D Camera Market: By Product (Smartphones, Tablets, Professional & Hobbyist Cameras, Others); By Technology (Time of Flight, Stereo Vision,...

According to the new market research report by IndustryARC titled “3D Camera Market: By Product (Smartphones, Tablets, Professional & Hobbyist Cameras, Others); By Technology (Time of Flight, Stereo Vision, Structured Light, Others); By Application (General Photography, Gaming, Automotive, Healthcare, Industrial & Others) & By Geography – Forecast (2018-2023)”, the market is driven by the rising demand for quality enhancement of smartphones, tablets, and other consumer electronic products, alongside the growing focus on the automotive industry to utilize advanced driver assistance systems, particularly in automated vehicles.

APAC held the largest market share in the 3D Camera Market:
Asia Pacific region holds the largest market share in the 3D Camera Market and is anticipated to reach $3.8 billion by 2023 at a CAGR of 17.06%. Increased demand for virtual reality or augmented reality has intensified the development of the new 3D cameras for the smartphones and other consumer electronics segment in the APAC region.

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Selected Value Chain Analysis done in the full report:
• The value addition in the chain starts from the procurement of primary components such as image sensors, illumination units, computing or driver electronics, optics and interface components and secondary components such as casing, storage, mountings and so on. These components are either procured directly from the component manufacturers, or through third party component suppliers.
• The procured components are then integrated by the 3D Camera module manufacturers. Some of the established players of the market such as Sony Corp, Samsung and so on, have their in-house manufacturing facilities for the prominent components of 3D cameras such as image sensors, optics and driver or image processor units.

Excerpts on Market Growth Factors:
• The growing drone mapping market, particularly in North America and Europe, will play a big role in this market in future.
• The advancement in home automation and virtual reality applications will open up new vistas for 3D cameras. Moreover, the automated operations in industries such as food and beverages, chemical and so on, have started integrating 3D cameras with robotics arms, which will further fuel the market for 3D cameras in the future.

Key players of 3D Camera Market:

  1. Faro Technologies, Inc;
  3. Raytrix GMBH
  4. Canon Inc;
  5. And more

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What can you expect from the report?
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1. Market Size by Product Categories
2. Market trends
3. Manufacturer Landscape
4. Distributor Landscape
5. Pricing Analysis
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