Cost-Effective Redmi Note 4X Is Better On Battery Life

February 13, Xiaomi released Redmi series of new mobile phone: Note 4X, and in the next day Valentine’s Day official sale. The most eye-catching part on this new conference...

February 13, Xiaomi released Redmi series of new mobile phone: Note 4X, and in the next day Valentine’s Day official sale. The most eye-catching part on this new conference is no more than the launch of Note 4X Hatsune Miku limited sets of suits, which for Second element students are absolutely attractive, so that in the first day of sale, Note 4X Hatsune Miku edition is out of stock. Redmi Note 4X has a Qualcomm 625 processor, while all aspects have always keeping the high cost-effective of the series, and this time to participate in the evaluation of the 3GB +32 GB version of model.

Configuration brief

Redmi Note 4X uses the Qualcomm Xiao Long 625 processor, clocked at 2.0GHz, using 3GB RAM + 32GB ROM storage portfolio to support up to 128GB Micro SD card expansion. Note 4X with 4100mAh battery, the camera for the rear 1300W + front 500W, equipped with MI03 8.1 system based on Android 6.0.

Appearance: metal body, there are more colors

As a derivative version of Redmi Note 4, Note 4X does not change much in appearance. As the addition of animation elements, Note 4X body color becomes more optional, respectively, with champagne gold, platinum silver gray, cherry blossom, matte black and Hatsune Miku exclusive color, in which Hatsune Miku version of the fuselage is blue color, looks full of youthful atmosphere, and echo to its own elements of animation complement.

If you do not look in careful, it is difficult to distinguish difference between Note 4X and its previous generation of Note 4. At first glance it was the same machine. Indeed, the Redmi Note 4X in the appearance changes very subtle, still 5.5 inches screen, three virtual buttons distributed in the bottom of the screen, and the use of back fingerprint recognition program. The back of fuselage is for the three-stage design, the box and the fuselage as a whole, more integrated. The bottom is also one of the different places with the previous generation, one the bottom of Note 4X near the hole there is no screw, and thus more neat in the visual.

The front and back fuselage are designed with a curvature, the front is 2.5D glass, the back metal shell edge to the middle frame to shrink, making the visual thinner, so that the design looks more rounded body, whether it is visual or grip feeling both are very good. There is a detail worth noting that the Redmi Note 4X camera lens is slightly lower than the back metal shell surface, this design effectively prevents the lens from scratches. In general, from the appearance of change, we can see the Redmi Note 4X in the details has achieved some progress, the overall design ideas more biased towards integration, and more prominent youth, to meet the needs of young customer groups.

Hardware performance: Qualcomm 625 is enough, the focus is power-saving

Redmi Note 4X equipped with high-pass Xiao Long 625 processor, which is Qualcomm’s 2016 launch of the midrange processor. The processor uses 14nm FinFet process, the core number of 8, the maximum frequency up to 2GHz. Thanks to the advanced 14nm manufacturing process, Xiao Long 625 in terms of power cost has a very good control, can be described as “eat less, work more.” Smaller process size improved performance at the same time bringing low power consumption, and also allows the processor to become smaller, saving the precious interior of the fuselage. Qualcomm’s latest flagship processor, Xiao Long 835, has adopted a 10-nanometer process.

Small size mobile phone processor integrates a lot of electronic components, such as transistors, resistors, and capacitors, etc. In a limited space you want to put down so many components, the spacing between them must be controlled to as small as Nano for the unit. The smaller size makes these components more compact, smaller distances make the capacitor lower, and the capacitance is proportional to the dynamic power consumption of the transistor when switching the electronic signal.

Battery lifetime

Strong battery life is a big selling point of Redmi Note 4X, equipped with 4100mAh high-density battery, and 14nm Xiao Long 625 chip which is quite good at power control, and MIUI 8.1 battery management. These makes Redmi Note 4X has a super Long life, according to the official propaganda, in the battery is full of electricity, you can read 22 hours of continuous reading, continuous watching with 18 hours of drama, or continuous play 15 hours game, to this level, even if for addicted user it can guarantee a day on power. In the actual use, I obviously feel the Note 4X battery “strong”.

In order to more intuitive to show performance of Note 4X battery life, Xiaomi official conducted a very extreme test – Taiwan Roundabout challenge. With red rice Note 4X as navigation for travel around the island, after 14 hours of continuous work, the final is remaining 18% of power. This test method and test results are incredible, it proved that Note 4X battery life is indeed very good. However, large-capacity batteries will inevitably bring another unavoidable problem, which is, longer charging time. Note 4X equipped with a charger specifications is 5V / 2A, only the equivalent of QC1.0 standard, this charging speed is obviously inadequate.

From all aspects of comprehensive point of view, Redmi Note 4X is a strong competitor in market. Balanced performance, excellent life performance, and good design, workmanship, it gets a lot of advantages. Whether on MIUI or Redmi Note 4X work processing, you can see the change from Xiaomi on ideas. It pays more attention to the details of upgrade, and also better knows how to catch the needs of consumers. Now New Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X 16GB 32GB 64GB Dual SIM Smartphone 13MP 5.5 Inch is offered for sale at price starting from 165USD on Cell Phone Age com.

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