Difference between a cracked phone and a broken LCD screen

We all love our gadgets so much especially our smartphones, well the main thing in a smartphone is its screens. Till the time your screen is new your phone...

We all love our gadgets so much especially our smartphones, well the main thing in a smartphone is its screens. Till the time your screen is new your phone looks brand new. Though mobile phone repairs are now become cheap people go for replacement instead of repair. Isn’t this wasting your money?

One must replace their phone only when the cost of repair is equivalent or moderately closer to the repair value, for instance, iPad glass repair costs a lot so going for replacement is a better option.

But sometimes we fail to understand that if our phone was cracked or the screen was really broken, now many a time the glass or the screen guard protecting our phones are the only ones that are damaged in an accident but we assume the screen to be broken which is absolutely wrong, so how do we spot the difference between the two?

A smartphone is always covered with two different layers

  • Glass screen
  • LCD screen (liquid crystal display)

Now If only the glass screen is broken then the repair cost will be minimal but If the LCD screen is broken then it is the matter of concern.

And if the LCD screen is broken probably it is the time where you will have to change your phone instead of repairing as they trouble the whole quality of your phone’s touch.

Now, what does one have to look for to know that if their glass is cracked or LCD screen is broken?

  • The pattern of the screen and the glass cracks will tell you if you have thoroughly harmed your phone screen or just the glass is broken.
  • You will start noticing black spots and the colors of your screen will be faded if the LCD screens is broken.
  • The screen of your phone will not display at all and it will be completely black blank if the LCD screen of your phone has been damaged.

Though you can easily get your phone repaired if your glass is broken, repair is highly demotivated if your LCD screen is broken.

One must know that detecting the difference between these two will help you save your cost as this will guide you as to if you have to repair your phone or go for a direct replacement.

Even if you feel that your LCD display is cracked but your phone is under warranty period then you should go for repair.

Repairing will be lesser in cost if the phone is under warranty, not only this but even when you have covered your phone under insurance then to go for repair instead of replacements.

If you are facing any problem while knowing that if you broke your smartphones glass or LCD display, then you can ask the local technicians they will guide you better.

Always have a proper cost analysis before you choose to repair or replace your smartphone.

The author of this article has completed her graduation in electronics engineering and she has mastered the art of mobile phone repairs. According to her the difference between the glass and LCD screen damage is quite noticeable so you will not require a technician’s help, and one must go for replacement instead of costly phones like iPad glass repair.

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